Essay:'No matter whom we love'

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I was just reading a campaign website, "Dan believes that this, the American Dream, belongs to all of us – no matter our color, our religion, where we were born, or whom we love."

What if you're an adult who loves a kid? So much for that rhetorical flourish; guess they'll have to add a proviso.

Oh, but I guess they'd say, "That's not love" or "Just because you love them doesn't mean you should be allowed to have sex with them before they turn 18" or "What lovers do is supposed to be consensual" or some bullshit like that.

Well we could apply that logic to gays too. "The only true love is heterosexual love." "Just because you have gay love doesn't mean you should be allowed to have gay sex." "Men can't consent to sex with other men; that's rape." Etc.