Essay:Anti-BL is an LGBTQ movement blackmail conspiracy!

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What happens is that young boys have sex with older men, and then the LGBTQ movement tells them, "We're going to expose you as gay unless you buy into our anti-BL ideology by saying that you were victimized by those older men against your will. As long as you publicly claim you weren't able to consent, then we'll cover for you and say that you're totally heterosexual but the power imbalance got the better of you, so that was why you couldn't wait to get freaky with your uncle/scoutmaster/whatever.

"In fact, even if you continue having gay sex into adulthood, we'll let you claim that it was because you were TURNED gay by that early experience that you had no control over. Thereby, we will enable you to escape all responsibility for any homosexual behavior you may indulge in, now and forever, amen.

"Why do we do this? Because we need to have someone who's more deviant than us, so that we can sanctimoniously claim to care about children. By denouncing the BLs, we put all the heat on them, that might otherwise have been directed against us. By having a lot of men around who claim to be straight but later get caught having sex with boys, we can say, 'See? It's not even gays who are responsible for this. It's these Christian conservatives.

"Think what it would be like if we accepted BLs into our movement! Then the Christian conservatives and Catholic priests would probably come over to our side. Not only do they not have enough hot men among them for our tastes, but then everyone who's anti-pedo would focus on the LBGTQ movement as their target.

"By saying that we're anti-BL, we can then get access to boys by saying we need to be their defenders who help protect them from bullying and give them needed mentoring. We can even start adopting kids. Meanwhile, the public is busy attacking the Republican Congressmen and Catholic priests for having sex with boys, since that's more politically correct than attacking the LGBTQ community. At the same time, to the extent we get attacked as being pro-BL, we give the secretly BL Christian conservatives cover to take young boys under their wing to protect them from our 'degenerate' culture as well. Thus, we can play the two sides of the public against each other.

"Ultimately, our agenda is to have more men declare themselves to be trans women, so that we can create further cover for men to have sex with other humans who have penises, without it being gay. Because not being considered gay is a very high priority for some of our key constituencies.

"We also need to maintain an alliance with the feminists, and how better to do that, than by helping them argue for why rug-munching is okay, while simultaneously giving them cover to attack men for preferring young, tight bodies over aging, saggy bodies? By standing behind them as they stigmatize essentially every man on this planet, while also casting suspicion on every ostensibly heterosexual man that maybe he's a molester, we separate girls from men who might put them on an earlier track to motherhood (rather than being a high-powered career womyn), and we separate boys from men who might protect them from feminist indoctrination meant to psychologically castrate them and destroy their natural boyish impulses.

"In doing this, we help bring about the downfall of western civilization, so that Jews can more easily come in and buy out everything and take total control. We ally with them in saying that Hitler was not only intolerant against their kind but also against gays, even though in actuality, Hitler was probably smart enough to realize that a lot of younger partners in man-boy relationships end up having heterosexual relationships and families later, and that those who remain gay for life were probably already gay anyway, even before any man touched them sexually.

"Hitler just wanted to destroy the faggoty (i.e. effeminate) homosexuals who might've threatened the patriarchal order by allying with the feminists. Hitler was actually a benefactor of BLs by encouraging Aryan mothers to bear more children, including boys.

"Thus far, we've been really successful in pulling the wool over people's eyes, and hopefully that will continue. The only thing that could stop us would be if this one guy, Lysander, were to expose our whole conspiracy over at BoyChat, but we've got some yarmulke-wearing shills over there to complain over at MetaBoyChat, 'Oy vey, this community is really being taken over by alt-righters who are going to turn people off with this anti-semitic garbage!' Their concern trolling is the perfect way of discrediting anyone who would reveal the truth.

"In reality, we seek to destroy BoyChat by rendering it irrelevant to the struggle for the white race's survival. We have to cultivate a leftist attitude among the people there that they can ally with an LGBTQ and feminist community that is actually their mortal enemy. We have to keep them believing the lie that these cultural Marxists are actually progressive voices of tolerance, even as the LGBTQ community does stuff like denounce Kevin Spacey for hitting on teenage boys.

"If they were to be logical, they would say, 'Hey wait, the ancient Greeks tolerated, even favored, pederasty; thus, pederasty is traditional. Yet, the tide of 'progress' has gone against this kind of tolerance. Therefore progressives are the truly intolerant ones!'

"But nah, they would never put 2 and 2 together like that. They would never see that the modern Christians and feminists are actually in league with each other through their shared denunciation of normal male sexuality, and that the conservatives are just 10-20 years behind whatever is the current progressive agenda, with the result ultimately being a bipartisan consensus that marginalizes any truly dissident views by creating a false dichotomy.

"Probably they'll never stumble upon the reality that the only solution to this problem is to lock all the Jews in their synagogues and then take a flamethrower to the whole place. They'll think that would be intolerant and anti-progressive, even though destroying others who threaten one's own self-preservation is as traditional as BL. The fall of ancient Greece happened around the same time that Jews started entering Greece (the 4th century BCE), but we can probably get them to write that off as a coincidence."

Sorry, Jews, but the game is up.