Essay:Ever run into any fake Jews?

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They're basically like wiggers, except that instead of pretending to be black, they pretend to be Jewish. Whites with no Ashkenazi blood will go around wearing Star of David jewelry and talking about all the antisemitism they have to deal with (since victimhood is like 50 percent of the Jewish identity). Some of them will actually go to Jewish religious services and eat matzo crackers, while others will claim to be secular Jews. I also notice a lot of fake Jews are into paganism; they'll wear a pentagram and a Star of David at the same time.

I don't why they do it, other than because they want a sense of belonging to a tribe, and so that they can indulge a persecution complex 24/7 without having to worry about anyone telling them to quit whining, since that would be politically incorrect. Often they'll also be hypochondriacs who claim to have a bunch of different disorders, and/or they'll identify as being part of other marginalized groups as well (transgender, or bisexual, or whatever). Typically they'll also be leftist in their ideology.

The way I look at it is, for practical purposes they pretty much are Jews, because they're demonstrating a lot of Jewish characteristics by being annoying and choosing to be part of a group they know is widely hated just so they can have an excuse to use that status for manipulation.