Essay:Ever watch the 1988 rape drama film "The Accused"?

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It had one of the most graphic rape scenes of its time.

I was reading the inside story and someone said about Jodie Foster, "I remember when we were shooting the rape scene, she said to me, 'If you don't hold me down, I'm getting up. I want this to look real, and I want this to feel real.'" Girls LOVE to be held down during sex. Foster probably got aroused while this was going on.

Someone also said, "At the test screenings, we got the lowest scores in the history of Paramount. The audience thought that Jodie's character deserved the rape."

That was what I thought too. She admitted she had sex two weeks before the rape. Now, maybe that was with a boyfriend she was going steady with or something, but either way, she was being a cocktease at the bar, dancing all sexy, showing her boobs, and then when the dude tried to close the deal, saying at the last minute she had to work the next day. So no wonder he was like, "Fuck this, I'm taking this pussy."

By the way, Jodie Foster didn't age well at all. She hit her peak in Taxi Driver and by her mid-20s was all washed up. She looks like death warmed over even before she gets raped.

I think Jodie Foster actually liked doing the rape scene. It was the actors who had to be her rapist who felt traumatized, and I don't blame them. they were probably like, "Dang, I gotta get up close and personal with this old hag?"