Essay:Feminism as the root cause of miscegenation

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I was thinking about all the different scenarios that bring about miscegenation, and it seems like they’re mostly tied to feminism in one way or another:

  • White guys decide they don’t need to lift weights and act masculine, since gender is just a social construct, so white girls go for muscular black thugs.
  • White girls decide they don’t need to stay slender and have a decent personality to attract financially stable white guys, since they can earn their own money or go on welfare; so they become fat and bitchy, and get with black guys, who prefer them over the even uglier and bitchier black girls.
  • White girls get fat and refuse to submit to white men, so white guys go for relatively slender and submissive Asian girls from the rural areas of the third world.
  • Young white girls initially are hoping for true love, but after getting pumped and dumped by Chad, they become emotionally damaged sluts who jump on every color of cock (including black).
  • White girls who are old enough to have sexual desires, but not old enough to be legally allowed to marry a financially stable white man, get impatient and go jump on Tyrone’s cock, while the good Christian whitebois pat themselves on the back for remaining sexually abstinent until marriage.
  • White girls who are too ugly to attract a decent-quality white man to marry them get with Tyrone instead, since we don’t have a polygynous society that would allow good white men to have several wives.

If white men, and white society, would behave in a more dominant way toward white women, and keep them on a leash, and use patriarchal practices such as early marriage and arranged marriage to channel female sexual desire into helping build white families, then there wouldn’t be so much miscegenation.