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As much as I've talked about how youth liberation is important and how young people have a lot of potential even while they're still in those years, I still think of youth as possibly the shittiest part of life.

I can think of few things worse than being a young man. When you're a young man, you feel intensely the intermale competition for coolness, competence, status, etc. You look around and everywhere there are men who are smarter, or more popular, or more competent, or have more self-discipline, or have more social skills, or whatever. At least, that was my experience.

Also, when you start out, you have no accomplishments under your belt. It's like being the "Male Feminist" on RVF when everyone else is at least a Chubby Chaser or better, maybe even a True Player or International Playboy.

My grandfather used to say that the best age was around 19, because you could do anything physical that you wanted, etc., etc. I see that as a really shitty age.

I actually look forward to getting older. Even for women, it's good to become older, after a certain point. Once they become a crone, nobody cares about what a slut they used to be. People get a certain amount of respect just for being old.

Of course, they're also considered burdensome, useless, and annoying, after a certain point. But people still don't treat them in as shitty a way as they treat young men. Young men are targeted for shitty treatment from pretty much everyone (including cops). Unless you're a Chad, it's a shitty age bracket to be in, in my view.

I actually kinda like the age I am now. The only downside to my current situation is that I feel some uncertainty. And yeah, I'm starting to look older, but whatever. The cool thing about that is that once you get REALLY old, you're no longer considered a sexual being, and therefore you don't even get judged adversely by anyone for not being attractive enough (looks-wise or personality-wise or status-wise or money-wise or in any other way).

Therefore, I don't even necessarily dread being, say, 75. Once you're 75, you can just use your age as an excuse for everything. Any fuck-up you commit, you can just blame on your decrepitude. If you forget something important, you can feign Alzheimer's (if you don't actually have it) and nobody will claim you're irresponsible. You can even piss and shit on yourself and people will pity you and want to help you rather than saying, "That's disgusting!"