Essay:If we're going to have a decadent civilization, then the decadence should at least favor high-quality men rather than females and Jeremy Meeks

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I was just watching Spartacus, which reminded me of how when ancient civilizations became decadent, the high-ranking politicians, generals, etc. got to enjoy all sorts of sexual depravity. (I, Claudius is another reminder of that.)

Yet in modern America, we have a #MeToo movement that says that only females and Chads get to enjoy depravity, while high-ranking men have to settle for banging their aging wives. Isn't that the opposite of how it's supposed to be? What's the point of becoming a billionaire or a film director or a Congressman if you can't bang a bunch of nubile girls?

Why would we want to empower girls to be sluts who fuck Chads during their teens and 20s? Chad didn't build a tech company or create great films or have a successful career as a statesmen. If we're going to allow a small number of men to hog all the young females, it should be men who have something to offer society, rather than men like Jeremy Meeks.

Basing access to young females on male achievement rather than looks would at least give every man reason to hope that maybe he could get some young pussy if he could find a way to be successful enough. Of course, many would remain incel, but there would still be hope that you could buy a winning lottery ticket and thereby gain enough money to purchase some sex slaves who would be required by law to do whatever you want. You might even use your winnings to build a successful business so that you could buy MORE sex slaves.

In contrast, what we see most billionaires do these days is have one wife (who usually isn't even all that attractive), and then give most of their money away to charities when they die. A lot of those charities are just going to waste the money on overhead like the executive director's salary, rather than actually devoting it to worthy causes. Those billionaires could instead be having multiple wives and building potentially vast dynasties by teaching their sons how to be successful businessmen.

Our current system is dysgenic and results in a lot of young females either having bastard children, or getting divorced because of their non-virginal status when they got married, or waiting so long to settle down and have kids that it's too late because they've become infertile. This isn't sustainable.