Essay:Is the potential for cultural creativeness shared by almost all Germanic whites?

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Cultural creativeness seems to be something different than intelligence. There could be a high-IQ Asian, but he won’t have the same ability or drive as whites to invent stuff the world has never seen before.

Intelligence enhances one’s ability to be creative, since creativity usually involves learning and then making novel connections between what one has learned. But intelligence by itself, without that creative spark, won’t produce anything new.

I don’t know of any way to measure creativity, other than maybe by handing out assignments that demand it. It can’t be tested by similar means as an IQ test, because IQ test questions have only one possible solution that one uses logic to figure out, and creativity is all about coming up with new and unexpected solutions.

In science, creativity manifests in coming up with new hypotheses to test. Intelligence (and maybe also creativity) is then used to figure out how to test those hypotheses. But logic by itself won’t always tell you what hypotheses you need to test, to make a new breakthrough. Stuff happens in the universe that we don’t understand, and creativity is used to come up with possible explanations. Then science proves or disproves those explanations.

What is the nature of cultural creativeness, then? Is it a trait that all whites share, just as we all share the whiteness of our skin? Or is it a trait like IQ, that’s distributed according to a bell curve? Why does no other race have it; why aren’t there even any half-breeds who have it? (Hitler wrote, “It is especially the cultural creativeness which disappears when a superior race intermixes with an inferior one”.)

I think Hitler also viewed even some whites, such as the Slavs, as lacking the same cultural creativeness as those of Germanic ancestry. Maybe if we looked at the genetic code of great creators and figured out what genes they share in common, the genes for cultural creativeness could be identified.