Essay:Let's get futuristic and envision techno-pedocracy

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People complain that if you have sex with a two-year-old kid, their orifi will get all torn or stretched out, or that they'll have long-lasting psychological trauma.

What they overlook is that in the future, none of this will be a problem. We'll be able to genetically engineer kids to have more elastic orifi that can handle the demands our phalluses inflict upon them. In the pedo-transhumanist future, we'll even be able to repair damaged orifi. We'll be able to breed infants in the laboratory just for their replacement parts, so that if one infant's anus gets torn, you'll be able to swap it out for a new anus. This is kind of like how already, pigs' heart valves are sometimes used for transplants to humans. (Ever see that film, The Island?)

In the future, you'll be able to use a 3D printer to create a customized child to have sex with. Then, when he gets too old, you can just dispose of him (maybe using one of those machines like they had in Logan's Run for destroying people who turned 30) and create a new kid. Therefore the issue of someday realizing/deciding that what happened was wrong won't even arise.

In the future, you'll be able to clone kids to have sex with. Probably some celebrity lines will be very popular. When the new Justin Bieber or Macaulay Culkin hits puberty, just throw him into the atomizer and generate a new one. Or it could be like in Blade Runner, where the replicants automatically die after four years.

Autism is just an evolutionary advancement that equips us for the future in which we won't need to actually interface with other humans, in the way we do now, to obtain sex; all we'll need to do is interface with machines to earn money, and then buy children from the nursery, the same way you would pick out a Christmas tree or a new dog.

The key is to get away from this idea that people are something other than property. Already they're property anyway; society turns people into a cog in the wheel, to fulfill a function demanded of them, and limits their freedom. Do you really feel like you can speak freely, and exercise the other rights that are supposedly guaranteed? Nah, it's all a sham.

So why not drop the pretense, and use slavery to our advantage (since slavery already exists)? It's not archaic; it's futuristic! It's just a matter of refining it so that it can suit our needs.