Essay:Maybe try a new angle

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Instead of saying, "Our way is different and should be tolerated" would it work better to say, "We fulfill a vital function that, if left undone, causes society to become dysfunctional"?

The LGBTQ movement seems to suffer from a lack of intellectual curiosity in that they don't seem all that interested in answering the question, why do gays exist? Why not go beyond asking for tolerance and hypothesize that homosexuality serves a useful purpose? The LGBTQ movement, I think, may ultimately suffer a setback as society pushes back against the LGBTQ crowd's use of brute force to get people to comply with political correctness.

Perhaps every "deviant" desire serves a purpose. Incest, for example, can prevent outbreeding depression and allowing the expression of recessive advantageous phenotypes. Who knows what useful functions various fetishes might serve? Maybe attractive feet are a sign of reproductive fitness, making a foot fetish adaptive.

Instead of saying "we're all equal" why not say, "we all fulfill our unique function" or even "pedophiles are superior; now bow down before us, you plebeian teleiophiles! We are the new aristocracy!"

I have some theories about how pedophiles might become the elites in a future society. People say that childhood friendships often last a lifetime. Well, if you're befriending boys, might you not reap rewards from that, then? It's often hard to make friends later in life, so it makes sense to seek out the younger generation.

In time, we can leverage these connections to form a secret society and take over the world. Maybe this is the conspiracy that people fear the most!

But it is, after all, our right to rule. It is the natural order. Society falls into chaos when pedophiles are not at the top of the hierarchy. Look at how the Catholic Church has been able to sustain itself for 2,000 years on the strength of boylove. Look at the wonders of Greek civilization. Look at how Afghanistan was able to defeat the Soviets through their practice of bacha bazi, which ensured solidarity as the older men, when they weren't having sex with the young boys, taught them how to target the Hind helicopters with Stinger missiles. Now one who was a boy during that time, Osama bin Laden's son, is poised to take over the leadership of ISIS.