Essay:Might as well go pedo-fashy, bro!

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It's important to distinguish between children's liberation, children's rights, and youth rights.

Children's liberation is pretty much centered around pedophilia. It has a larger agenda, but where most of the energy comes from is the desire to fuck kids. That's the driving force behind wanting to place such a high priority on liberating kids, as opposed to other issues.

Children's rights groups are, as you say, usually about "protecting" kids. These outfits are usually NGOs funded by grants. They're part of the establishment.

Youth rights groups usually are about giving them more freedom. But "youth" usually means teenagers, especially those who are in their mid to late teens. So basically they just want to lower the age of majority by a few years, or probably more accurately, give kids who are a few years short of the age of majority a few extra rights. Youth rights organizations tend to be organized from the grassroots.

They're low-energy, though, because as far as I can tell, they're not actually doing all that much right now. There's just not much of a constituency for it. The problem always is that with rights are supposed to come responsibilities, yet people don't consider young people ready for responsibility.

Right now, what's high-energy is the fight to secure the existence of children to begin with. If we're not making any more white babies, we're not gonna have any beautiful kids to touch, so that has to be a high priority. So, fascism has been pretty high on the agenda.

Fascism will probably make it easier to fuck young girls, and it should make it easier to fuck young boys. It's just that the girls will be enslaved and not have a choice about who's fucking them. The boys, on the other hand, could probably be liberated.

I mean, it doesn't even really matter what the age of majority is for boys. A lot of millennials are still living with parents or other relatives long after the age of majority. Girls are another story; I just don't see dads being willing to stop being protective of their girls, especially once society goes fashy.

We already liberated women, and that didn't work well, so why would we liberate girls? Although the system we have now, of half-liberating girls (i.e. liberating them to have sex with boys their own age), might be worse than not giving them any freedom at all. It doesn't give them a chance to make babies with older men who have the resources to support those kids.

The Libertarian Party is cucked, and the progressives don't seem to be getting a lot of traction, so fascism appears to be the only game in town if we want to see change in our lifetime. It's going to be a real fight for pedophiles to try to get what they want under any system, but we gotta press on anyway.

There might be some pedo-fascists, just like there are some gays in the manosphere (like Jack Donovan). If they have a lot to offer, they make an impact even though the mainstream fascists shun them.

Might as well go fashy, bro! Everyone who's cool is doing it.