Essay:My plan: to be heard, and then to LDAR

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I'm getting involved in politics over the next couple years so I can have a platform from which to share my ideas, vent my rage at bluepillers and female supremacists (including all the manginas and white knights), and make a difference to counteract how I've been used by females to further their agenda. (That happens in a variety of ways; for example, females typically need a designated villain so they can claim victimhood.)

Once that's done, I'm probably just going to LDAR, unless I feel provoked to get involved again, but I'm thinking that probably won't happen. I just want to get some stuff off my chest and then go back to doing what I was doing before females and feminists ever bothered me. Hopefully they won't bother me again. And if they try, I can probably just stay away from them and shut them out. (When I quit Facebook and dropped and blocked all my former FB friends, rather than merely deactivated, I felt like I was building a wall to keep out the undesirables; and I can't wait to build another such wall, after getting in a few parting shots at my enemies. Like Trump, I've become very fond of walls.)

What will I do after that? Who knows. Maybe just sit around with my head on the table, for lack of any goals worth pursuing. Maybe write essays, although I shouldn't really need to, if I've satisfied my need for dialog and self-expression. Maybe write game guides to long, epic classics like Ikari Warriors. Maybe watch or rewatch some classic anime, and analyze and review it. Maybe read a few books, although hardly anyone actually does that anymore. It's taking me months to get through Mein Kampf, and that's only 525 pages.

Thing is, if you're a blogger, unless you're actually going out and doing something in the world to attract notice to your blog, probably no one will read it. And it's not like I have any sons to pass down my legacy to. But whatever. I'm sure many others are in the same boat. We build a bunch of stuff, and then it's seemingly mostly for nothing. It gets knocked down, since we leave no offspring behind it to take care of what we created or find it meaningful.

Even the beta cucks who only have one son are putting all their eggs in one basket. It isn't sustainable, because it's a single point of failure. Ron Paul had a son to carry on his legacy, but Rand is not as libertarian as he is. I was reading this article:

It’s actually what Ron Paul has been about since his first run for office in 1976, when he ran to object to the United States’s abandoning the gold standard. “I ran for other reasons and ended up getting elected,” Paul explained Friday. “I had something I wanted to get off my chest.”

In April 2011, as he was still deciding whether he’d run for president, Paul told me frankly that running the country had never really interested him, but changing the country certainly had. “I don’t want power, I want influence,” he said. “I want to influence ideas.”

That's pretty much how I feel too.