Essay:Parent-child incest, and unconditional love

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Is an advantage of parent-child incest that there's unconditional love?

Thing is, I don't know how important that really is. Masculine men are supposed to stand on their own, so they outgrow the mother-son relationship in which she's playing the role of nurturer.

With regard to father-daughter incest, I'm not not so sure either about the role of unconditional love. Do women really care much about unconditional love? There are plenty of men who loved their wives but nonetheless got dumped because love wasn't enough. She also wanted other stuff. Maybe she got bored and wanted to take half his stuff and go have some flings with younger, hunkier guys. Maybe he wasn't bringing home enough money.

Men tend not to be the ones leaving women, unless they discard or neglect them to go chase after other women (maybe younger/sexier women). So why is unconditional love necessary? Men are, by nature, more like harem builders rather than wanting so much to trade up the way women do.

Is it not so much about unconditional love, as it is about a STRONGER love? In other words, parents do stuff that a mere lover or spouse wouldn't do, especially when the two roles (parent and lover) are combined?

It seems like bluepilled society (including a lot of those in the childlove community) idealizes love. They say, e.g., "love is love." But what's the basis of love? If it's all about the usual heterosexual trade of money for sex, along with mutual attraction, then sure, love is love. Your money is as green as anyone else's, and an underage girl's pussy is certainly as good as an adult's, if not better. Then all that's lacking is maybe that the guy isn't as physically attractive as someone younger, but maturity (plus having more $$$) might make up for that.

But, that older man doesn't necessarily have to be a dad to offer that stuff. He's more of a known quantity than other men, and she's more of a known quantity to him, but I'm not sure how much that matters.

Women tend to be disloyal in general, so I'm not sure she would really love her dad more than another man. Usually women will readily transfer that love and call another man daddy, if she perceives him as being as good. So it seems like the more common father-daughter incestuous relationships are where she's some kind of gold-digger (e.g. Ivanka Trump or Bruce McMahan's daughter, maybe?) and in fact Pred even wrote about that archetype.

I can see one benefit might be, it's the only way a dad will ever completely approve of his daughter's man. Any other benefits, or any other drawbacks, that anyone can think of?