Essay:Pedophiles are obviously not very manipulative

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If we were, we would've been able to manipulate public opinion to our advantage and get them to allow adult-child sex. Yet people still say we're very manipulative tricksters who obtain sex with kids through deceit.

In contrast, Jews actually are very manipulative, and for that reason, even though they keep getting unmasked as swindlers and expelled from various countries, they're always allowed back in. Pedophiles, on the other hand, don't have the ability to use mass media, political action committees, etc. to change the way the public thinks about us and get the two major parties to adopt our agenda, so we're always getting screwed over.

Think what we could accomplish if he had, say, Steven Spielberg on our side creating a film, Lysander's List, about how pedophiles were being persecuted, but then there was one brave man who was willing to create a list of pedophiles who would work in his factory so that they wouldn't get sent to prison. This film could be a real inspirational tearjerker that could gain us a lot of sympathy.

We need to start playing the victim and demanding reparations, apologies, etc. There should be a United States Pedocaust Memorial Museum dedicated to the memory of the millions of boy- and girllovers who have been scapegoated and victimized.

Whenever anyone says anything bad about pedophiles, we need to get our pedo buddies in the media establishment to put out a story saying, "Antipedophilia is on the rise in Trump's America" and talk about how the Deplorables are committing microaggressions against us. Also, when people protest against pedophilia, we need to get our goons in AntiTeleiophilia (AntiTel) to smash their skulls in with bike locks.