Essay:Romantic relationships between the sexes are the weak point of human relations

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When you think about it, most of life is pretty low-drama, until it comes to romantic relationships between the sexes.

The average guy goes to work in his insured car, goes to a job that pays for his health insurance, and come home at the end of the day to his insured home. If he's a doctor, then maybe he has malpractice insurance too. Everything is set up so that there's no way he can lose everything in the event something goes wrong.

The one relationship he has where he takes on a huge risk is his marriage, because he can lose his kids and half his stuff in the event it goes sour. Of course, libertarians would say, "He can just not get married, if he doesn't want to take that risk." But the average beta has no choice, since women outrank betas in the socio-sexual hierarchy. He has to make that commitment and take that risk if he wants pussy and kids; otherwise, she'll just get an alpha to fuck her, and have kids by him, even if it means she has to work for a living or live off of charity.

Why should she have kids with a beta, if he's not going to offer her anything more than what she could get from an alpha? What betas offer, that alphas don't, is commitment to the women who want a commitment. If betas weren't able or willing to offer commitment, then they would be incel.

Of course, this state of affairs would be different in a society that made women men's property, but that's supposedly unlibertarian.

The issue of losing so much in a divorce wouldn't be a big deal, if it only happened to a few men. But it happens to quite a lot of men. It's a major hazard that doesn't exist in other areas of life.

Also, a typical guy won't be accused of any kind of major assault, such as violence or rape, during his lifetime. But quite a lot of men get accused of such things during a divorce. The reason is, the husband and wife live together behind closed doors, and who can really say what goes on, that people don't see? It's not like a situation where you have a friend and if your friend is being violent toward you, you just quit hanging out with him, and it's no big deal because you don't have kids together and don't share the same home. It's easy to separate from friends.

Another aspect of relations between the sexes that sucks is that sex is an activity that requires another person, unlike so many other activities, like, say, smoking pot. If you smoke pot in your house by yourself, it's harder for people to say that you're victimizing anyone. But since sex involves another person, people can come up with all kinds of rules about what constitutes exploitation or degeneracy. They ban sex with prostitutes, sex in prohibited holes, sex with underage girls, sex with drunk girls, you name it. There are tons of regulations pertaining to sex, supposedly intended to protect people.

One of the reasons, though, why it's fairly easy to get away with crimes like doing drugs is that the dealer and the buyer are probably not going to have a major falling-out that results in one of them narcing on the other to the cops. In contrast, if you have a wife, she could very well accuse you of rape at some point even if you didn't do it.

The fact that parenting takes two people, and that the kid does better with both biological parents, is a major problem for libertarian theory, because these relationships between men and women work nothing like business relationships.