Essay:Same-sex marriage

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I think we should stop compelling people to support same-sex marriage by baking cakes for gay couples, giving them equal access to benefits in the workplace, etc.

It used to be that leftists were fighting against an establishment that was intolerant of sexual minorities, with clever leftists like Jon Stewart and his crew lampooning the buffoonish warmonger, George W. Bush, at the head of that establishment. During that time, U.S. state constitutional amendments banning same-sex unions were being passed, and I voted against the Marshall-Newman Amendment because I saw it as an unlibertarian infringement of freedom of contract.

Now the left has become arrogant and oppressive, and those on the far right are the new freedom fighters in a lot of ways. It is becoming evident that the libertarian movement erred in incorporating a lot of leftist ideas into its theory, and that it would be better to, as Murray Rothbard eventually did, accept far right ideas instead. Part of the appeal of politicians like Adolf Hitler and Augusto Pinochet is that at least they opposed the communists.

The leftists are now just as intolerant of dissidents as the religious right was during the Bush administration. They too want to interfere with families and stifle any way of living that goes against their moral code.