Essay:The libertarian-to-alt-right pipeline

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People have started to notice that a lot of libertarians are going alt-right, or at least becoming sympathetic to certain alt-right stances such as antifeminism and race realism.

For me, what was the tipping point was when I realized that there are some people you can’t deal with through contracts, because they will always try to commit fraud, which according to libertarian theory is a form of aggression. You can only dominate and subjugate them, or else separate from them or kill them.

For example, men and women can’t have a successful relationship on the basis of a marital contract in which they set out the terms and abide by them, under threat of punishment for breach of contract. The reason is that women (especially alpha widows, post-carousel thots, etc.) have a natural tendency to disrespect and mistreat beta providers, whom they regard as lower than them in the socio-sexual hierarchy. They will take advantage whenever they can, and play the victim card, claiming that they were treated cruelly and had no choice but to break their agreement. The only way to have harmonious relations between the sexes is to deprive women of all rights whatsoever and treat them as property, initially of their fathers and later of their husbands.

Jews behave in much the same way as women (which is why women are sometimes referred to as “the vaginal Jew”). They’re good at manipulation, and will try to use it to get the upper hand. But there’s no pair-bonding between Jews and Gentiles like there could be between a husband and a wife who married as a virgin. And Jews don’t offer anything that’s worth having any dealings with them, the way women do. Therefore, Jews just have to be killed. We can’t coexist and cooperate with them the way we could other Gentiles. Even blacks and Latinos (when Jews aren’t stirring up racial strife) are easier to deal with than Jews, because they tend to mostly just victimize their own kind.