Essay:The libertarian argument for exterminating the Jews

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Libertarian philosopher (((Murray Rothbard))) [writes]( >If we should ever discover and make contact with beings from other planets, could _they_ be said to have the rights of human beings? It would depend on their nature. If our hypothetical "Martians" were like human beings — conscious, rational, able to communicate with us and participate in the division of labor — then presumably they too would possess the rights now confined to "earthbound" humans.

>But suppose, on the other hand, that the Martians also had the characteristics, the nature, of the legendary vampire, and could only exist by feeding on human blood. In that case, regardless of their intelligence, the Martians would be our deadly enemy and we could not consider that they were entitled to the rights of humanity. Deadly enemy, again, not because they were wicked aggressors, but because of the needs and requirements of their nature, which would clash ineluctably with ours.

Since Jews are only capable of existing by parasitically feeding off of Aryan civilizations, this means that they are subhuman and therefore not entitled to the rights of humanity. How ironic that it was a Jew who came up with the theory that now justifies destroying the Jews.