Essay:What are some political constituencies that would benefit from getting rid of the Jews?

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I was thinking:

   Taxpayers and families of soldiers who are tired of paying the price for Jew wars
   Libertarians who oppose Marxism and want to end the Fed
   Patriarchists (include MGTOWs, incels, etc.) who oppose feminism
   Racists who want to get rid of blacks, Latinos, etc. and increase white birth rates
   Republicans who want to get rid of a main source of funding and support for the Democrats
   Parents and other concerned citizens who are tired of kids’ receiving culturally Marxist indoctrination in the schools
   Moviegoers who are tired of every story being written to serve as leftist propaganda
   Media consumers who are tired of the constant and blatant left-wing bias of the papers
   Soap and lampshade manufacturers
   Medical researchers in need of guinea pigs

Any others? Maybe we can assemble a coalition that amounts to >50% of the population, if we add up all the groups that have a reason to be pissed off at the Jews.