Essay:Which is the better way of getting rid of the Jews – deportation or genocide?

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Deportation probably sounds more reasonable to moderates, but since most of America’s Jews were born in this country, it seems like it would be better to clean up our own mess rather than shoving it off on some other country. If you were getting rid of cockroaches, you wouldn’t just capture them and then set them loose in your neighbor’s house, unless you really hated your neighbor. And even then, it might not be a good idea, because they might find their way back into your house at some point. Look how many times the Jews have been kicked out of various countries and then ended up coming back.

Also, sometimes it’s kindest to just kill useless creatures. If you have an ill-behaved dog, why drive into the middle of nowhere to set him loose in the wilderness? It would be kinder to just shoot him. He’s not going to be able to survive, much less live a decent life, without the help of humans. Similarly, Jews won’t be able to survive except by being parasites on some host civilization. Most Jews would hate being cooped up in Israel (kind of like how cockroaches would hate having to survive in the wild, rather than in a nice warm, cozy house with lots of crumb-laden discarded pizza boxes and other refuse), and even when they live in Israel, they require military aid from the U.S. to defend themselves from their neighbors.

Wherever Jews go, they’ll tend to influence governments to adopt policies that work against whites’ interests, and this could cause problems even for the countries where those Jews are not present or not dominant (kind of like how Russia, under Jew-implemented communism, ended up becoming a threat to Germany). So it’s better to just adopt a final solution to eradicate them everywhere.