Essay:Why adapt one's philosophy to suit human nature, rather than adapting human nature to suit an egalitarian philosophy?

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Jim's Blog says that women have to be enslaved because moment-to-moment consent to a marriage doesn't work, given kids' need for a lot of childcare from their biological parents over the time it takes them to mature.

Libertarians, on the other hand, say, "It would be great if men and women could be treated equally, and have total autonomy to leave a marriage whenever they want. Then neither of them would be enslaved, which would make society's structure more consistent with our egalitarian philosophy."

For libertarianism to work, then, kids need to not require so many years of childcare from their biological parents. Why not just double down on feminism for as long as it takes for the human race to evolve in such a way that fatherless children suffer no disadvantages compared to kids from stable, two-parent biological families?