Essay:You know they despise your weakness when they say, "You need to respect women more"

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Most men who are told, "You just need to respect women more" were already respecting females too much, and that was their problem. Whether because of naïveté or weakness that made them think they needed to cater to females rather than having females cater to them, they became submissive when they should have been dominant.

The way people show disrespect to a man who acts this way is by telling him something that's blatantly untrue, as a way of insulting his intelligence and thereby mindfucking him if he takes their comments at face value. They know that he was respectful of females, but they say anyway, "You just need to respect women more" and "You're not entitled to sex" even though he's doing everything that they told him he needed to do to get females to want to have a sexual relationship with him. If he mentions this, they say that if he did nice stuff in hopes of getting pussy, he's not really nice, and therefore doesn't deserve pussy.

One would think they just want him to double down and be more of a cuck, but really what they're doing is trying to push him to a breaking point where his anger makes him say, "Fuck showing ANY respect for females" and impels him to drastic action to put females in their place.

They can't actually say "We disrespect your weakness" because then he would inquire what exactly he's supposed to do to manifest the strength they're looking for, and truthful answers to that question would be politically incorrect. Therefore, the only place you can get those answers is in politically incorrect forums. At any rate, females don't necessarily consciously know that it's men's weakness that is making them feel disgust; all they know is that it feels creepy and therefore he must have done something wrong. The only socially acceptable rationalization they can come up with for that is that he must have violated their rights in some way, so they make an accusation.

Shutting down Just another shit test. The proper way to respond to that is to show strength and thereby brush off the shit test. Hence, When they fuck us over, we up the ante.

But we can't just limit ourselves to defensive measures; we also have to find ways to go on the counterattack. Some say we should retaliate by getting IncelTears shut down. But even if we could do that, it wouldn't be enough, because we need to not just copy their tactics but exceed what they're able to do.

The ultimate way to do that is to cross over into IRL activism. Roosh was working on some IRL meetups when he got attacked by the feminist establishment in February 2016. He decided to refocus on his online business, but that's come under continual attack too, so for awhile he was thinking about going back to his meetups plan, but I don't see any evidence that's actually going to happen. So I guess it's going to have to be someone besides Roosh.

Roosh did show up to the 2016 Republican convention as well, and shut down some feminists who were chanting "Rapist" by telling them no one would want to rape them. We need to seek out high-profile confrontations and win through superior boldness and determination. Of course, some will say, "It's smarter to stay out of the line of fire" but given that we're not getting pussy, we arguably really don't have a lot to lose.

When you set up a confrontation, there will come a moment where you have to decide in a split second to either take the action you had in mind, or chicken out. It's like climbing to the top of the high dive -- you either jump or change your mind and climb down the ladder ignominiously. Whenever you're tempted to take the cowardly way out and show weakness, keep in mind that all it's likely to lead to is more masturbation (or, for some, more sex with horses instead of a female human). Getting pussy, or even helping working effectively toward a long-term vision of a world in which men who otherwise would have been incel are able to finally get pussy, is going to require making a change from what we've been doing. Boldness is a force multiplier, and given that the amount of force at our disposal is limited, we need all the multipliers we can get.

We're not guaranteed to get pussy as a result of our efforts, but it's probably our best shot. Pussy has been a reward for boldness throughout human history. Chad relies not just on his looks but on the fact that he's not afraid to go up and yank girls' ponytails. (If he didn't, maybe they would hit on him anyway, but he still probably gets even more girls by yanking their ponytails.)