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Bigcutie cherries before after by q ker-d3exx2a.jpg
Cherries, also known as Cherriesthegainer, is a pseudonymous web model who, prior to her involvement in paid modelling, successfully strove to increase her weight to 200 pounds. By 2013, more than 97,000 users had viewed the DeviantART account of her weight gain and more than 900 had signed up as watchers.'" (more...)

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"Most men who are divorced have been abandoned/victimized by a woman who flaked on them. They did their part, she did not. He did not want the divorce and she forced it on him, for no reason at all beyond her own insanity. The reverse is not true. Most women who are divorced, caused their divorce, chose divorce, forced divorce on their husband and and did all sorts of things to cause as much harm as possible, usually during a self-destructive death spiral. To say any sane man should stay the hell away from them is an understatement. There are exceptions, but they are relatively uncommon. Just as there are exceptions to divorced men. Some were abusive freaks, or ran off with their secretary or something equally inappropriate. But they are rare outside the lower socio-economic classes. Even the exceptions (and I have direct experience with this), a man will find she is the type of woman who seeks out bad men. You'll see a long history of weeding out the good men and only choosing the bad. Not that big of a problem. The problem happens when they try to get you to recreate the behavior and then dump you if you refuse. Ahhh yes, the joys of being called a loser because you refuse to beat someone.

"The bottom line. Men should just say no to divorced women, especially with kids. But women don't have to follow the same rule. They can find many great men who have been divorced and encounter few problems if any." -- Bonecrker (12 March 2014). "Just Say No to Divorced Women".  .

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Informational interviews by Leucosticte
In 2007, Nathan Larson conducted informational interviews with a software engineer, a forensic accountant, a software quality assurance manager, a CIA anti-bioterrorism budget officer, an Assistant Professor of Physiology in Psychiatry, and a business valuation expert. (more...)

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