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Bigcutie cherries before after by q ker-d3exx2a.jpg
Cherries, also known as Cherriesthegainer, is a pseudonymous web model who, prior to her involvement in paid modelling, successfully strove to increase her weight to 200 pounds. By 2013, more than 97,000 users had viewed the DeviantART account of her weight gain and more than 900 had signed up as watchers. (more...)

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"The reason why most marriages fail is because the system has placed little incentive on maintaining the marriage. In fact, in some cases the incentive is actually toward divorce. Feminists have flipped all the incentives this way on purpose. They do not want marriage because feminism thinks the institution is all about the patriarchy, discrimination, and inequality. If society encourages women to get married and stay married then all those things will persist in society. Remove all the social and financial burdens of undoing a marriage, rejigger incentives so women can actually make out in divorce, and provide welfare to women from the government, boom, no need for marriage.

"The reason why marriage, in a big picture kind of way, is necessary for a society is that it is the foundation of a free society. Out of a man and a woman entering into an indefinite agreement to provide for each other and presumably raise children comes a family. Out of the family comes a private support system. Out of the private support system comes no need for the government to play the role of the support system. It's very difficult for the bureaucratic class to controls millions of private entities if it does not run the social safety net. It is totally easy to control all those people through the coercion of the government if all those private entities fall apart or are forced through many different ways to join a government social safety net.

"Marriage isn't about religion, love, commitment, etc. It is about maintaining a free civilization at its core. If you want to live in a free civilization the institution of marriage will be necessary at some level." — Mad Max .

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Informational interviews by Leucosticte
In 2007, Nathan Larson conducted informational interviews with a software engineer, a forensic accountant, a software quality assurance manager, a CIA anti-bioterrorism budget officer, an Assistant Professor of Physiology in Psychiatry, and a business valuation expert. (more...)

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