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Michael Jacob Silvera
Born (1974-11-29)29 November 1974
Victoria, British Columbia
Residence FCC Petersburg Medium
Other names Comrade Marid
Occupation Unit orderly

Michael Jacob Silvera, known to fellow prisoners as Mikey and to various lone wolf operatives and members of the shadowy clandestine cells of the left-libertarian anarchist revolutionarily subversive underground leaderlessly resistant liberation front of tyrannicidal guerrilla warriors as Comrade Marid, is a federal prisoner and sexual dissident serving time for credit card fraud, child pornography, threatening the President of the United States, and threatening terrorism against the United States. He was born in Victoria, British Columbia on 29 November, 1974 and later moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, where he was arrested at his hotel. His child porn collection contained more than 500 images, including five images from the "Hayley Series," as well as images from the "Photos by Karl" and "SABBAN" series.

In 2005, he was indicted by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Philadelphia of violating 18 U.S.C. § 1029(a)(2) and 2256 U.S.C. § 8(a). In a court filing, Silvera confessed that he bought "two to five thousand" credit card numbers on the Internet for $5 apiece. Silvera said that he traded a laptop computer and an Xbox game for the child pornography with a person named "Three Elves," whom he met while discussing Satanism in an Internet chatroom.

On 3 June, 2005, seeking to be declared either incompetent pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 4241 or insane pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 4242, he mailed a letter from prison, addressed to Patricia G. Arcuri, acting director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency regional office in Philadelphia. The envelope contained baby powder which the letter claimed was anthrax. He also sent a letter threatening George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. He was prosecuted by Nancy Beam Winter of the United States Attorney's Office and represented by Edson A. Bostic of the Defender Association of Philadelphia.

Silvera was sentenced by U.S. District Judge James A. Beaty, Jr. to 120 months imprisonment on the fraud count to run consecutively with 45 months on the child porn count. He was sentenced by Judge Jan E. DuBois to serve 77 months on the count of threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction. Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael F. Joseph described Silvera as "one of the most unusual persons I've ever run across." Silvera wrote a letter stating "that while it was very profitable committing this fraud, he got great enjoyment out of suffering from other people," Joseph said.[1]

Silvera is scheduled to be released on 11 August 2022, assuming full good conduct time credit.[2] He is a former cellmate of Chris Wenzlick, Levi Peterson and Nathan Larson, the latter of whom interviewed him. In that interview, Silvera described some of his financial crimes as "applied counter-economics".


In addition to his underground connections, Silvera maintains ties with above-ground organizations such as the Anarchist Black Cross. He has submitted material that was published in Prison Action News, a group favoring direct action by prisoners. Frustrated by his inability to rapidly get transferred to Petersburg Low, Silvera considered going to the SHU, saying that he was considering doing "something stupid." Fellow prisoner Donald Egan, upon hearing of this, remarked, "That's a given. He's not known for doing anything smart."

Silvera was extremely interested in the progress of the Drake interview and eagerly greeted the arrival of each new installment with "Ooh, more wisdom!" He had Larson read aloud the portion that stated, in reference to the Creative Imaginations Program members' fear-induced unwillingness to contribute to an underground zine, "Cowards who retreat from reality should never be expected to stand and fight unless the enemy wields only dice." To this, Wenzlick responded sarcastically, "What a gem of wisdom!"

Silvera inherited a six-figure trust fund but spent most of the money on cocaine and then resorted to stealing from his family, from whom he is now estranged as a result. These thefts included, inter alia, putting his aunt's house up for sale without her knowledge. Silvera hates religion of all kinds, although he studies paganism and attends many religious services in prison. He was at various times registered with the Religious Services department as a Muslim, a Jew, and many other religions. In 2012, after Silvera returned from a Passover service that had run more than three hours, he announced to his cellies, in a profanity-laden tirade, that he would never attend another Jewish religious feast.

When invited to join Narcotics Anonymous and overcome his drug addiction with the help of his higher power, he responded, "What if cocaine is my higher power?" Silvera has described himself as 98% homosexual. He uses British spelling in his writing, although it is not clear whether this is because of his Canadian heritage or because he simply thinks the British spellings are aesthetically cooler than the American spellings. Silvera is uncircumcised.

The Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) allows each federal prisoner to electronically submit one complaint per day with reference to unsatisfactory prison conditions. Silvera files approximately 365 complaints per year (366 in leap years) through this system. Many departments of the prison have stopped replying to his complaints. Silvera generally does not file official administrative remedies, because he does not want to annoy the unit team (i.e. his counselor, case manager, and unit manager), whom he fears might take some sort of retaliatory action against him.

Silvera engages in a great deal of coprolalia. He will, for instance, say, "Ezell wants butt sex" or "Shawn's got a tasty cock" apropos of nothing, or even as an interruption to a conversation. Although Silvera sometimes blames Tourette Syndrome and claims that it is partly for a means of stress relief, he also admits that approximately four-fifths of his coprolalia is for the express purpose of annoying people, either as passive aggressive revenge for perceived slights or for his own amusement. In the case of Wenzlick, it became a self-perpetuating cycle in which Wenzlick would respond to Silvera's comments by calling him a "retard" and such, and Silvera would react to the disrespect by increasing the frequency of his coprolalia in Wenzlick's presence and choosing particularly inopportune (or, from Silvera's perspective, particularly opportune) times to disrupt the flow of conversations Wenzlick was involved in.

The coprolalia has changed over time. It began with simple rhymes like "Chris took a piss" and "Hitler took a shitler." During his infatuation with Levi Peterson, it then progressed to kitten-related comments such as "Levi, you are a truuuuue kitten!" and "Levi's a kitten and he's gonna meow," with the crescendo being reached on the first syllable of the word "gonna". Silvera then progressed to more classically Tourette-like coprolalia. Andy Kiernozek has commented that it lowers his self-esteem to be around Silvera when he engages in this behavior. Silvera, making reference to Kiernozek's interest in filipina women, replied, "I find my self-esteem to not depend on another's coprolalia. However, although I will be the first to admit I am neither the most physically attractive nor the most charming, I have managed to engage in numerous, consensual, sexual and/or romantic relationships with semi-attractive to attractive members of both sexes, all ages, and am not cuckolded by aesthetically-challenged, third world gold diggers."

Silvera is the "child" in a prison family (i.e. an emotionally intimate group of prisoners sharing common bonds of adoration and affection), the "parents" being Robert Barron Greis (mother) and Brandon Laureys (step-father). The previous father was a man known as "Eli" who has since been shipped to another institution. Silvera's feelings toward Greis soured due to Greis' perceived "superficial-ness" and unwillingness to answer interview questions, despite the fact that Greis had time to "spend 30 hours a week gaming, not to mention non-gaming game time such as always talking about it or copying shit".

"You now have 15 seconds to comply."

Silvera has stated that he was a successful Internet troll, although he is also an enthusiast of pre-Internet technology such as the IBM XT. He favors Ubuntu Linux, and managed to write a brief usage of that operating system into the opening scene of a detailed child porn screenplay he wrote that was misplaced during his incarceration and is now regarded as a lost document. It is unclear how, given the unavailability of that work, those interested in writing fanfic continuations are to proceed without risking inconsistency with existing canon. Some fans have expressed a desire for Silvera to rewrite it from scratch, but thus far he has claimed to be too busy with other compositions to comply, despite their clamor for "MOAR comrad marid!!!!11!!1!"

Silvera earns money by typing documents and carrying clothes back and forth to the laundry for other prisoners. During times when he refrains from doing this kind of work, he is sometimes criticized for being too lazy to come up with a hustle. When he does do this work, he is usually criticized for associating with the persons who hire him, some of whom are perceived as unsavory. When dealing with prisoners Silvera personally dislikes and whose dysgraphia, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities are so severe that they cannot detect errors in his work, Silvera sometimes purposefully introduces spelling and grammatical mistakes into his typing for them.

Silvera formerly worked for UNICOR, but was fired for doing virtually no work. He then applied to work for UNICOR again, but within days, took his fellow workers up on their suggestion that it might be better if he resigned. He is currently a unit orderly and eagerly awaiting transfer to FCC Petersburg Low. Approximately half of Silvera's wages are deducted for restitution to those the government deems to be his victims. Silvera sometimes uses the word "faggot" in a non-insulting manner, reasoning that if blacks are allowed to call one another "nigga," then being homosexual entitles him to casually throw around words that are commonly used as anti-gay slurs.

Silvera has stated that if he could own any dinosaur, it would be a tyrannosarus rex, partly because it would probably be rather effective at attracting young boys to his property. Silvera punctuated this remark with a resounding "RAR!" However, it is not clear that tyrannosaurs actually roared, as audio recording did not exist in prehistoric times.

In early 2012, Silvera was asked by a fan what his advice would be for a father considering asking his daughter for sex, but who worried what her reaction might be; i.e. whether she might get "weirded out." Silvera replied that if the father and daughter were at a restaurant and he asked if she would like some kung pao chicken, why should she get offended? All he was doing was offering something he thought she might like. Silvera also commented that it is rather common for daughters to get upset over what their father thinks, says, or does, such as not liking her boyfriend, not giving her a big enough allowance, etc.

What could be better?

Larson asked Silvera, "What do you think the chances are that I'll someday get to experience the sublime joy of hearing that my teenage daughter and lover just broke water with my combination child/grandchild? And what do you think the chances are that I'll hear this news from somewhere other than in a correctional facility where I'll be serving a term of imprisonment for incestuous statutory rape?" Silvera responded that he wasn't sure, but that he hoped that he could be best man at the wedding.

Silvera's favorite character from RoboCop is the ED-209. This is presumably because the film lacked any particularly comely prepubescent characters. Even if a character suitable for being played by Heather O'Rourke had been written into the script, that actress was already 11 years old at the time of the filming and therefore at least three years "too late" by the standards of the René Guyon Society. Silvera confesses that frankly, he finds that pedophilic foundation fabulous; and he professes himself to be a freedom fighter who fully supports and fiercely defends paraphilia- and family-fun-favoring philosophical frameworks against all foes, foreign and domestic, with a ferally feline ferocity whose fiery fury is exemplified by the unflagging and fanatically fervid fidelity of his affiliation with his fellow followers and friends of NAMBLA.

Silvera has described federal supervised release as a way to extend people's sentences: "I think if you get sentenced to x number of years in prison, you should do x number of years and then get the fuck out" without having to serve a supervised release sentence, a violation of which could lead to further imprisonment. Silvera is sometimes referred to as "the white Gandhi" because of his physical resemblance, especially when he has recently shaved his head, to Mohandas Gandhi.

Public declaration[edit]

Silvera has made the following "Public Declaration version 3.02 revision b1.3":

I am an anarchist. All states and statists are my enemy. I am a voluntaryist. All associations, fraternities, brother/sisterhoods, and organizations are ethical only if all association is voluntary. I am against unethical, patriarchal organized religion, including but not limited to: conservative Christianity, Judaism and Islam. People should retain their ethno-spiritual integrity against Jews. I am I. I am for the people. I am for myself. I love those who love me. I hate those who hate me. I am I. I fight statolatry, Zionist domination, Crusaderism and Islam. I am Revolutionary Übermensch.
500px-Inverted Pentagram circumscribed.svg.png 600px-Anarchy-symbol.svg.png

Rap songs[edit]

Silvera has written two rap songs. Faggotz with Attitude is a takeoff on Niggaz with Attitude.

Heretics Paradise[edit]

God ain't dead
coz he was never alive,
Fuck that Jesus jive,
he ain't never gonna arrive,
Hey, Mohammed — shave that hair,
and why you got your ass in the
air, is Allah gonna stick somethin there?!
Father — hey, don't molest that boy
OY! He ain't no toy. Oh boy.
Don't diss me coz I'm a gay

Faggotz with Attitude[edit]

I suck dick, drink cum
I take it up the bum, son —
You just mad coz You didn't get none,
So call me a faggot, Maggot, I'll
Stab your face and drag it
Don't fuck with me, G, I'm a Bitch —
With a capital B —
Not lowercase, ace, you wanna taste?
Spray your face with bear mace

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