Miscellany:Abolition of welfare

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Welfare is basically a system that pays women to ignore the (possibly less exciting?) men who would have been mature and stable providers, and instead have sex, and reproduce, with losers. It has been observed that a number of women prefer criminals and abusive men over men who will treat them well and financially support them, and welfare enables them to indulge this preference. Welfare also encourages those women who are married to good providers, to frivolously divorce them, knowing that the taxpayers will pick up the tab for maintaining a household for herself and her kids, to the extent that the courts don't force him to pick it up.

We should get rid of all forms of welfare, including disability, which is a system that encourages malingering. Those who are permanently disabled should either be supported by family or charity, or if no one deems their existence worth maintaining, they should just kill themselves, since apparently they're not offering anyone any benefit that would make anyone with the means to support them want to offer that support except when forced to do so by the state.

Abolition of the age of marriageability and emancipation of young men will make it easier for families to get by without welfare. Fathers will be able to marry off their daughters at a young age, and sons will be able to become self-sufficient at a young age.