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Delegate Lingamfelter pledged, "I will be voting to stick up for taxpayers, not to stick them up." If he is a true fiscal conservative, why is he not taking any action to stop the rampant waste of taxpayer money on the war on drugs? 21 states have decriminalized possession of cannabis. By now, the evidence is clear that they have no worse drug problem than the states that have kept cannabis illegal. In fact, their opioid overdose rates have fallen, as people choose a safe and legal high over more dangerous drugs.

Using drugs is no worse a pastime than, say, watching TV or playing video games. One could argue that these activities are addictive, unproductive, and unhealthy. But that doesn't mean the state should ban them. Once we go down that paternalistic path, there is no end to the kinds of behaviors that might get banned because people think the state needs to intervene to protect people from themselves.


Pentobarbital legalization will make it easier for women to successfully kill themselves by a method often preferred by women, drug overdose

We need to legalize pentobarbital so that people with miserable lives can have a reliable and peaceful method of committing suicide, rather than having to resort to more gruesome methods like hanging. Prisoners should be given access to lethal doses of pentobarbital in supervised settings, so that if they want to escape the misery of incarceration and save the taxpayers some money, they can do so.

Age restrictions[edit]

Let natural selection run its course. Don't try to keep drugs out of the hands of young men. Let young men destroy themselves if that's what they choose, so they can eliminate a predilection for impulsive behavior from the gene pool. It is best if we do not have any age requirements at all for purchasing and possessing drugs, since that helps people with a tendency to make bad decisions weed themselves out of society before they have an opportunity to reproduce.

For the very beginning, when I introduced the Sense of the Senate Resolution on Removing Criminal Penalties for Possession of Marijuana, I opposed proposals to establish a minimum pot-smoking age of 21. I think that if a father wants to smoke pot with his young daughter, who is also his wife, and then have cannabis-enhanced sex with her, that is none of the state's business.

Legalizing drugs will also save many children from entering the Child Protective Services system because of their parent's being a pot smoker.