Miscellany:Enactment of a male sexual liberation constitutional amendment

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Vote for me, and girls like this can be yours
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I propose that an amendment be added to the Bill of Rights stating simply:

Section 1. The right of men to (a) put their penises, tongues, fingers, and other bodily implements of sexual penetration anywhere they want, at whatever time they want, so long as in doing so they do not violate the property rights of other men; and to (b) compel their wives' compliance in fulfilling any other sexual wishes, desires, or fantasies they may have; shall not be infringed.

Section 2. Men shall have power to enforce this article by physically disciplining their wives.

When this amendment is passed, the Commonwealth will become a paradisiacal wonderland of sexual penetration opportunities, allowing men who have the means to do so, to fulfill some of their fondest fantasies. The government, at least, will not get in the way. No longer will it be necessary for so many men to close their eyes and imagine, while banging their post-prime wives, that they're with a seventh-grade cheerleader. They'll be actually able to go out and approach that girl's father and ask for her hand in marriage.

That is, unless when he goes over there, her father doesn't put his arm around her, glance at her fondly (and receive a happy and adoringly worshipful look in response, from the girl who luxuriates in his fatherly leadership, protection and love) and say, "Sorry, she's already taken." Because on the day this amendment passes, there will be a free-for-all of men finally making all their dreams realities. Formerly recalcitrant wives will undergo an amazing change of attitude and personality as they are spanked into submission with their husbands' demands for anal sex, ass licking, or whatever else they want. They will be broken down into the most abject submission and, at their husbands' insistence, like little kids will say, "Yes, daddy!" instead of resisting any longer.

(And those wives will be happier because of it, because the life of a slave of a powerful man is one that all women secretly crave. They want to be like Cinderella with her handsome prince, or Anastasia Steele with her Christian Grey. Polygyny will enable more women to live that kind of life.) Even if she's a dignified queen outside of the bedroom, she can still take pride in doing what women (properly trained and motivated) do best, which is pamper her husband, and take joy in being utterly dominated by him both in the bedroom and elsewhere.

Daughters will spend more quality time with their fathers, as he becomes her new bedmate in her pink-colored room, waking up every day to the sight of sparkly unicorns all around him, before rolling over to look at the beautiful, young princess beside him, and touching her to make sure she's real because this all seems like the "happily-after-ever" ending to a fairy tale, rather than reality. (Actually, most fathers wanting such a relationship would probably opt to bring their daughter into their own bedroom, and thus into the world of adults, rather than going into the world of childhood to be with her; but I just wrote the scenario in that way in an effort to be poetic.)

For many men of the 31st district, it has probably been a long time since they had teenage pussy, but I'm sure it comes to mind often, or else "teen" wouldn't be among PornHub's most-searched terms. Look around sometime, at a mall or other place where there are young people present, and decide for yourself whether you would like to live in a world in which you can leverage your hard work and success in life, and the confidence that has come with age, to attract the kind of woman you deserve.

When polygyny is legalized, you needn't break up the family you have, in order to have the freedom to, for the first time in so many long years, finally fulfill that fantasy of sliding into the tight pussy of a giggly, fun-loving teenage girl, and feeling her warm, passionate kisses on your neck and chest, and her hands caressing your back, as you thrust ever more deeply into her, going in and out (to enjoy that sensation of sliding back into her pussy all over again, just for the sake of reliving that glorious moment of first penetration) and all around, as your whim dictates; while her vagina clenches you ever more tightly with the mounting excitement expressed in her sighs and moans of delight, until finally you feel her body contract around yours with the kind of tightness that only the pussy of a young girl in the flower of her youth can muster, as she cries out loudly enough to inform the neighbors of your accomplishment at the moment of simultaneous orgasm.