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Nathan Larson notes, "The guy in the Walker Hayes song You Broke Up With Me totally isn't over his ex"[edit]

14 March 2018 — Catlett, Virginia — Neoreactionary libertarian congressional candidate Nathan Larson noted, 'The guy in the Walker Hayes song You Broke Up With Me totally isn't over his ex.

"People who are truly over their exes don't feel the need to sing about how they're over them. They just move on and forget about them."

Nathan Larson announces, "I'm going transgender"[edit]

13 March 2018 — Catlett, Virginia — Neoreactionary libertarian congressional candidate Nathan Larson announced, "I'm going transgender.

"Effective immediately, I'm renouncing my male status and declaring myself gender-neutral. I will now answer to either 'Nathan' or 'Natalie,' either of which can be used interchangeably.

"There are three reasons for this: (1) Most of those calling themselves men these days are cucks, manginas, white knights, male feminists, etc., and I don't want to be associated with those types of people. When they talk about 'manning up' they usually mean cucking up. It's like how the term 'liberal' used to mean 'libertarian' but now means 'leftist'. Because of how the term has been tainted by these associations, no self-respecting libertarian will call himself 'liberal' these days.

"(2) To be a man in this modern age is to have responsibilities that women don't have, without any rights that women don't also have. For example, you're not allowed to shame a woman for being a slut, but promiscuous men can still be shamed as 'cads,' 'womanizers,' etc. Or in the BL world, 'exploiters.' (According to the cops, there's no such thing as a female pedophile; if she touched a kid, it's because some man in her life forced her to.)

"There's no such thing as a 'lazy' woman. If she sits around the house doing nothing, it's because she's 'meditating,' 'getting centered,' and trying to 'find herself,' which is considered normal for women. She's 'on a sabbatical!' She's 'starting a career as a life coach!' Or if she only made up a fake excuse to temporarily flake out of going to work, she's just taking a 'mental health day' to 'de-stress!' If a man were to do that, people would say he's a shirker, a liar, an unreliable layabout, etc.

"If she refuses to pick up after herself, she's not a 'slob'; she's just 'depressed' (since randomly going into a despondent mood is considered normal and okay for women, while a man would be considered a 'loser' for not snapping out of it and getting his shit together) or maybe she rejects arbitrary social constructs that say women are supposed to serve as maids. If she goes into a rage and curses and insults people, that's considered cute female moodiness, while in a man it would be considered 'verbally aggressive' and 'abusive'. If a woman breaks her marital commitment, she's just exercising her female prerogative to change her mind, while a man who did the same would be considered a 'deadbeat,' a 'cad,' etc.

"It used to be that women had at least some responsibilities. They were expected to get married as young virgins, to be loyal and faithful to a husband, to have sex with him, to bear children, to cook and clean, etc. Now they don't even have to do any of that. To expect any female to perform traditionally feminine tasks is to denigrate her and be sexist. A female today has the right to leave her husband and take the kids, and to even get him slapped him with a restraining order if she wants, without needing to present any evidence other than her own "compelling testimony." She can take whatever resources he has, and also get financial support from the state, and sympathy from everyone who takes pity on her for being a divorcée and single mom. Men are supposed to shrug off such heartbreaking betrayals and just move on as though it never happened.

"Although men are expected to be stronger emotionally than women, men get no credit for being more logical or creative than women, because that would denigrate women as inferior rather than recognizing that if women have failed to invent the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, the computer, etc. it was only because men held them back from their potential, keeping them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen when all that time, they really wanted to be hanging out at Kitty Hawk testing different airframes.

"Women are allowed to shape-shift at will between the role of being a strong, independent woman whom men must respect as an equal, to the role of being a weak, vulnerable victim to whom men have a duty to offer assistance and special accommodations. A man would have to offer evidence of his achievements, strength, integrity, etc. to gain respect from others, while women are permitted to simply declare that they are men's equals and have that be accepted at face value, since to question that assertion would be sexist, and could get you fired from your job, like what happened to James Damore.

"If I were to, as a man, land a spaceship on a comet, all people would talk about is my shirt, rather than my accomplishments. So why bother having accomplishments? Might as well declare myself gender-neutral, so that I won't have the male burden of performance.

"Men get no special benefits anymore that women don't have, aside from the fact that we don't have to worry about our crotches bleeding every 28 days; but career women get compensated even for that by being allowed to go on maternity leave when/if they have kids, which is a benefit that men don't get because we aren't biologically able to bear children (which one might consider a disability). Women are also eligible for programs like WIC, while there's no MIC program for men. There's also no Violence Against Men Act to protect those of the male sex from being bullied by other males (which happens to many boys), while women benefit from such legislation. Men are expected to fight their own battles, even if they're physically weaker than other men (or groups of other men, as is often the case with bullying).

"(3) Society only gives men certain options to pursue these days, and most of those options are pretty emasculating in one way or another. You can't even have uncensored man talk at the workplace (which at one time was a male domain) anymore, for instance, because human resources will get a report and open a case. Therefore, conversation at the workplace these days is mostly a bunch of 'happy-wife-happy-life" cucktalk™. Being a cuck has even been conflated with masculinity, e.g., 'Real men are secure enough in their masculinity to not feel threatened by their wife's saying 'There are some TV dinners in the freezer if you're hungry. Don't wait up; I'll be coming back late' and then riding off on a motorcycle with another dude.'

"The modern conception of masculinity is that you make endless sacrifices to enable women to live a more comfortable life, and what you get in return from women is worse than nothing. This actually puts men below the level of women. It's not even equality; it's slavery. Therefore, to reject manhood is to free oneself from chains.

"To be ruled over by women is not masculine, so one might say that masculinity has been stripped from men. But society can't emasculate you if you renounce your own male status. Conversely, there's not really any downside to my going transgender. NatSocs already would've considered me degenerate for being a pedophile, so being part of the LGBTQ community won't cause me to lose any status.

"Going transgender gives me less to apologize for. We learned from Chelsea Manning that it's okay to commit a federal felony, as long as you go transgender afterward."

Nathan Larson remarks, "To think clearly about women, it helps to think of them as being like furniture"[edit]

12 March 2018 — Catlett, Virginia — Neoreactionary libertarian congressional candidate Nathan Larson remarked, "To think clearly about women, it helps to think of them as being like furniture.

"In fact, in Soylent Green, they actually were called furniture. Furniture makes your life more comfortable by giving you something soft to put your body in. That is its purpose, and you'll notice, when it comes to certain items, like box springs, that people are going to be using for sex, most people would rather get some fresh new furniture rather than some secondhand furniture that might have bedbugs and might not be as tight and supple (aka springy) anymore as when it was new."

Nathan Larson remarks, "To think clearly about immigration, it helps to remember that the non-white immigrant is just a piece of machinery for enhancing white productivity"[edit]

11 March 2018 — Catlett, Virginia — Neoreactionary libertarian congressional candidate Nathan Larson remarked, "To think clearly about immigration, it helps to remember that the non-white immigrant is just a piece of machinery for enhancing white productivity. It happens that this machinery is made out of flesh and blood and bone. But the point of having it around is the same. You put it to work to do tasks more efficiently than a white man alone could do them. Of course, you have to perform some maintenance (aka pay for the Latino's upkeep), but in the end, you should come out of ahead; or if not, you scrap the machinery.

"Maybe some non-whites don't speak English. Well, my car doesn't always speak English either. It speaks in its own language of lights and tones (e.g. when the key is left in the ignition). Sometimes its communication isn't particularly clear, like when the 'check engine' light comes on.

"Is our culture affected by having cars around? Sure. Not all of those ways are positive, either; suburban life has a lot of downsides. Cars are loud, just like a lot of non-whites are loud, with all their raucous yelling in the streets.

"And cars also kill people sometimes. Immigrants are the same way. Once in awhile, MS-13 will execute a rival gang member, just like once in awhile, someone's tire will blow out on the interstate, resulting in a huge pileup in which a little old lady ends up going through the windshield and splattering all over the pavement. We hold the machinery's owner (or his insurance company) accountable for the carnage, or find ways to minimize it (seat belts and anti-gang units help), or get rid of the machinery.

"We could ban immigrants from certain areas, just like we ban cars from certain areas to create a culture that's different from what exists where cars are allowed.

"If we're allowing non-whites into the country to serve as machinery for us, we can give them as much or as little freedom as we want, as a condition of their being here. If they don't like the restrictions we place on them, they can leave. This is similar to how those who drive cars have to obey the rules of the road, if they want to continue having a license to drive. An immigrant's sponsor should likewise be required to make sure his immigrant follows the law, and be held liable for negligence in this area.

"But if whites are going to say, 'Immigrants are disrupting our wage structure' they could say the same about machinery. The blacksmiths who were no longer employed making horseshoes after the car replaced the horse as a means of transportation were replaced by auto mechanics, who probably had a higher standard of living and enjoyed better working conditions. Similarly, when immigrants clean toilets and flip burgers in a restaurant, whites are freed to work instead at higher-paying jobs serving customers or managing the business. Whites don't actually need those unskilled jobs as a starting rung on the career ladder; while they're being schooled, they can do internships or apprenticeships, and then go into an entry-level job after they graduate.

"Those whites who aren't smart enough to learn a trade that's beyond what the non-white immigrants are doing have basically not evolved beyond the level of the non-white races, and they therefore cannot claim any right to be treated as better than members of those non-white races, because functionally, they aren't better. What makes whites better is their superior intellect, and especially cultural creativeness. To lack that is to lack whiteness, other than in skin color. But that's just superficial.

"If whites are going to say about immigrants, 'They're imposing costs on our infrastructure' that too is true of some of our machinery. My car imposes costs on the highway system. But I pay a gas tax, and car taxes, etc. to offset that.

"Similarly, immigrants' sponsors are theoretically on the hook for the burden they put on public services. They could just be charged a flat annual fee for each immigrant they import, which would be based on the estimated cost to the infrastructure of having that person around. States and localities could charge sponsors an 'immigrant tax,' and the immigrant would be deportable if the tax weren't paid.

"Importing whites is totally different; they live in a different way that doesn't put so many burdens on public services. They also offer different contributions to society than non-whites do.

"Barbara Comstock famously said we should track immigrants like FedEx packages. Her proposal made sense, if the goal is to make sure they don't overstay their visas; why not track when they enter and leave the country, and flag any that are still in the country with expired visas? She was just making an analogy to help people understand her proposal."

Nathan Larson urges voters, "Let's keep Virginia's congressional delegation judenfrei"[edit]

11 March 2018 — Catlett, Virginia — Neoreactionary libertarian congressional candidate Nathan Larson urged voters, "Let's keep Virginia's congressional delegation judenfrei.

"Alison Friedman's list of campaign donors reads like a Who's Jew of Hollywood and New York leftists. Let's see, we have Barbra Streisand, actress Jennifer Garner, singer Bonnie Raitt, as well as George Soros, his son Alexander, and the Pritzker family—one of the richest families in the United States, best known for their ownership of the Hyatt hotel chain among other businesses," Larson noted.

"Other West Coast donors include Bill Neukom, the former general partner of the San Francisco Giants, Peter Getty, grandson of the oil tycoon heir, and his wife, as well as singer Graham Nash.

"D.C.-area notables who cut checks include: Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation; Donna Brazile, former head of the Democratic National Committee; Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former lieutenant governor of Maryland who is Robert Kennedy's oldest child; and Adrian Fenty, D.C.'s former mayor.

"J Street, a liberal lobbying group critical of Israel that strongly backed the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran, donated a total of $5,950 to Friedman last year.

"Jews make up 2% of the U.S. population and 6% of the U.S. House and 8% of the U.S. Senate and a third of the Supreme Court (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan). They have too much influence already, and we should be curtailing it rather than giving them more.

"Even if some Jews make useful contributions to society, Jews as a whole have a destructive influence on our culture through their involvement in politics, the media, and the educational system. We need to be vigilant against the threat they pose and keep them out of these sectors where they tend to do us harm.

"Those Jews who may seem like 'good Jews' still tend to be supportive of the Jewish tribe to which they belong, which includes a lot of 'bad Jews'. So, even putting a hypothetical 'good Jew' in public office, or in a news organization, or in a professorship, strengthens the Jewish tribe and thereby enables the bad Jews to work mischief whose harm outweighs the helpfulness of whatever accomplishments the 'good Jews' produce.

"Therefore, we arguably should get rid of all Jews from our society. Jews' productive work, in which they use their verbal skills to analyze, argue, and explicate, is mostly derivative of white people's ideas. But unlike, say, the Japanese, who similarly create inventions that are derivative of white technology, Jews tend to use their intellects mostly for evil.

"Jews come up with doctrines like Marxism, Zionism, and feminism which they use to destroy the white race. They stir up racial conflict to help build a Jew-led anti-white coalition. Notice that 57 percent of Jews support Black Lives Matter, which advocates anti-white violence and looting as retribution for the killing of dindus. Notice also that Stuart Appelbaum, who also serves as president of the Jewish Labor Committee, is on the board of the Latino Victory Fund, which aired a commercial suggesting that Republicans, including those who support moderate conservatives such as Ed Gillespie, want to run over Latino and Muslim children with trucks.

"Jews have brought about the recent spate of school shootings. They pushed for gun free school zones, creating areas where shooters feel safe opening fire (in contrast to, say, gun shows or police stations, where mass shootings basically never occur). Jews pushed for feminism, destroying families and leading to boys' growing up fatherless, making them more likely to shoot up schools. Jews tend to be Democrats, the party of the welfare state, which enables women be single moms rather than depending on a husband. Jews promote psychiatry, an industry that prescribes drugs leading to school shootings.

"In the wake of these school shootings that Jews caused, Jews now want to blame guns so they can try to force politicians to either agree to disarm whites or lose the support of the masses who are worried about their kids' getting shot. Once whites have been disarmed, though, and control of the government has been handed over to the Jews, we will be susceptible to being treated the way eastern European whites were treated by the Jewish communists."