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Polygyny, in which one man marries multiple wives, should be legalized because of the biological reality that there are more women than men who are suitable for marriage. Without polygyny, there will simply not be enough high-quality men to go around to all the women who want one.

As Walter Block put it, men are nature's crapshoot and women are nature's insurance policy. There are more men than women at both ends of the spectrum of desirability for marriage. There are more men than women who are unavailable for marriage because they are in prison or mental hospitals, or killed through accidents or violence (including war). There are also more men than women at the high end of the spectrum of desirability, because of their wealth, social dominance, or other characteristics that women find appealing.

Polygyny will help redistribute wealth from the top 1% to the rest of the population, as wealthy men have numerous wives, with large numbers of offspring that then inherit the wealth. Larger numbers of beautiful women born to poor families will be able to use polygynous marriage as an opportunity to rise above their station and give their children a better life.

Polygyny benefits most women by making a higher-quality man available to the average woman. Under polygyny, the most desirable men are able to marry the most desirable women and thereby remove them from the competition for the remaining men.

It is true that this works to the detriment of the average man, since he will have to settle for a lower-quality woman than he otherwise would have. However, polygyny will probably not result in an increase in the number of men who remain unmarried, since already, 20 percent of women choose to remain unmarried rather than settle for the lowest-quality men.

But even if polygyny did result in more low-quality men remaining single, that wouldn't necessarily be bad. Maybe, for the sake of the gene pool, the lower-quality men who aren't able or willing to improve themselves shouldn't be getting married and reproducing. Or a man's being involuntarily celibate may give him an incentive that motivates him toward self-improvement or greater productivity. His years of being single can be a time of quiet reflection, or of going into monk mode, pursuing his mission. He may feel that, being incel, he has nothing to lose, or that his expenses are lower than they would be if he had a wife and kids, and therefore he can afford to take risks, such as starting a business that could have a great return.

Polygynous marriages will probably be happier than monogamous marriages, because men tend to have a higher sex drive than women, and therefore a high ratio of women to men in a marriage will create a better balance. One commentator theorizes, "2 women openly with 1 man will STFU and compete like mad, while absorbing each others need for long winded emotional 'relationship' conversations.... it's a bit like the way noise-cancelling headphones work..."

Already, without polygynous marriage being legalized, many married men have mistresses on the side. Polygyny will allow them and their offspring to come out of the shadows and have a greater degree of legitimacy and acceptance than they currently do. Once the social stigma of sharing a husband goes away, it may even be that wives will assist in finding their husbands more wives, since it is a compliment to their own desirability if the husband they were able to attract is also desired by other women; and because expanding the household increases its prestige and available resources.

Sometimes, men have opted to "trade up" from the wife they've been married to for years, to a younger wife. Polygyny makes this unnecessary, as he can simply keep the wife he already has and add the younger wife to his harem, if he has the resources to support both.

Another advantage of polygyny is that it gives married men an incentive to continue earning an income, and to increase that income, in order to attract more women to become their wives. They have to avoid "letting themselves go" by becoming lazy, fat, etc. if they want additional mates. This makes it less necessary for women to have the ability to threaten their husbands with divorce for non-support or other bad behavior.

Polygyny also tends to promote the propagation of good genes, since the best-quality men will tend to have more offspring (through their multiple wives) than they would in a monogamous society.

Polygyny also makes it possible for women to work without leaving their children home alone as latchkey children. One wife can work while the other can stay home with the kids, and in this way the family can have two incomes and a housewife as well.

Sororal polygyny will make it possible for sisters to remain together even after they get married. Also, in some situations, a man may marry an older sister and then, when the younger sister comes of age, marry her too; in those instances, polygyny will allow the bride's father to assess the husband's track record thus far, and evaluate whether he wants to marry his younger daughter off to the same man.

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