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CATLETT, VIRGINIA — 21 February 2017 — Nathan Larson, a 36-year-old accountant and Catlett resident, announced his candidacy today in Virginia's 31st House of Delegates district election, 2017. Larson who considers himself a libertarian and a red piller, said he will focus on restoring, strengthening, and defending the family unit by fighting back against feminism.

"15 years of Scott Lingamfelter's failed leadership are enough," Larson declared. "It is time for a change. Republicans call themselves the party of family values yet they have, almost without interruption, been in control of the Virginia General Assembly since 2000, and our family laws remain a mess. Weak and ineffective politicians like Delegate Lingamfelter have allowed the laws to get worse over time, by idly and silently standing by as feminists and social justice warriors advanced their leftist agenda in Richmond without any significant pushback.

"Virginia's divorce law needs to be revamped," Larson argued. "Currently, disloyal spouses are often rewarded for breaking their vows, by being given custody of the children, along with alimony, child support, and half the marital property. Since the victims of this kind of betrayal are often men, a lot of men are deciding there is no point to getting married, and the rates of children being born out of wedlock are skyrocketing.

"Marriage should be treated like any other binding agreement, with penalties for breach of contract. A disloyal spouse should leave the marriage with nothing more than the property they entered the marriage with. Custody of the children should be granted to the innocent spouse. This will encourage each spouse to keep the terms of the commitment they made, including raising and nurturing their children together, and rescue the institution of marriage from the epidemic of frivolous divorce that has raged out of control since the advent of no-fault divorce laws."

Larson also expressed concern about the misuse of restraining orders: "Often, an unscrupulous or deranged woman will take out a restraining order so she can immediately gain control of the house, the children, and her husband's paycheck, without having to hire a lawyer or wait for the divorce to be finalized. The accused is not allowed to present his side of the story in court before police serve him with papers telling him to leave his home immediately. The wife is then free to spend time in the marital home with her boyfriend, while the husband is forced to continue paying the mortgage and utilities while living out of a hotel room.

"As delegate, I will introduce legislation to abolish restraining orders altogether. Battered women will still be able to file police reports for assault and battery and other offenses, but the accused's due process rights will be respected."

Larson blasted one of his Democratic opponents, Sara Townsend, for advocating taking away the gun rights of men who are subject to restraining orders:[1] "The low standard of evidence in restraining order cases makes a mockery of our legal system; takes children away from their fathers to put them in the hands of deceitful, manipulative, and mentally unstable mothers; and causes people who witness theses injustices to doubt the word of legitimate victims of battery. It's time to start cracking down on litigants who give perjurious testimony of abuse in order to harm the innocent for revenge or personal gain. We should be prosecuting these false accusers, not coddling and rewarding them, and infringing their victims' Second Amendment rights, as Sara Townsend would have us do.

"The defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election dealt the feminist movement a severe blow," Larson remarked. "As feminists seek to regroup and retrench for the next battle, there is an opportunity in these state and local elections to continue pressing the attack from every flank, until their retreat turns into a rout. Sara Townsend found in 2015, and Hillary Clinton discovered in 2016, that in this new political climate, the voters no longer respond favorably when a leftist candidate, with the help of her comrades in the feminist Establishment, tries to browbeat her opponents by labeling them as misogynistic or reactionary. The voters are ready for candidates who will question assumptions, speak truths that not long ago were considered politically incorrect, and boldly fight back against the degenerate forces of cultural Marxism which seek to extinguish liberty and destroy families across our Commonwealth and nation.

"I, and those who stand with me, will not only hold the line against the feminist movement, we will launch a strong counteroffensive, reversing every advance they have made over the past two centuries, and bringing the fight to their last strongholds. We will defund the university women's studies departments, the domestic violence prevention programs, and every other state-supported offshoot of the feminist movement. We will take away their prestigious titles and the pulpits and printing presses by which they spread propaganda and infect Virginia's young people with their pernicious doctrine at taxpayer expense. Make no mistake, we will do whatever is necessary to completely eradicate this cancer from our Commonwealth.

"Feminists disliked Delegate Lingamfelter because he didn't leap enthusiastically enough to support their legislative proposals, but when I and other Red Pillers are elected, feminists will discover what a truly existential threat to their agenda looks like. For a time, they were able to turn conventional morality on its head, disguising tyranny as liberation, and cultural decline as progress; but they will learn how quickly the tide can turn, and with what devastating effect on their movement's ability to influence politics in Virginia."

Larson also vowed to shut down Virginia's Child Protective Services agencies: "CPS caseworkers and the judges who enable them have become the new predators, kidnapping children from their homes without first giving the parents an opportunity to confront their accusers in court and rebut the allegations. The children are put in foster homes where, in an alarmingly large number of cases, they suffer horrific abuse. Families endure tremendous stress and heartbreak during the time-consuming and costly process of litigating the cases and following onerous, pseudoscientific 'treatment plans.' They lose their privacy and freedom as social workers make unannounced visits to inspect their homes and micromanage their lives.

"I will introduce a bill to abolish CPS, so that law enforcement officers, rather than social workers, will be the ones tasked with investigating reports of child abuse. Parents will be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury of their peers. As an added bonus, the disbanding of CPS will remove many feminists and other leftists, who took the easy path of getting degrees in social work and similar disciplines, from their cushy, taxpayer-supported jobs."

Larson has also written a resolution, "Recognizing feminism as leading to individual and societal harms," that he calls on the Virginia General Assembly to adopt. The resolution argues, among other things, that intelligent young women's potential is in many respects wasted when they devote their years of peak beauty and fertility to attending college and starting a career, instead of marrying a good provider and bearing children before their window of opportunity to do so closes.

Larson argues, "The fight against feminism is about investing resources more wisely for a better tomorrow. It is poor stewardship for parents and society to tell the best and brightest young women that they should spend the years when the flower of their youth is in full bloom partying at the university or slaving away at the corporate grind, rather than having large families and passing on their exceptional genes to produce the next generation of artists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and scientists. Society's current approach is similar to that of a farmer who, having had an unusually good harvest, decides to consume it all that year, rather than setting aside some of those high-quality seeds to plant the following spring.

"When women devote their late teens and early twenties to marriage and children, it multiplies the contribution they are able to make to the world, in a way that can continue paying dividends for generations to come. The traditional division of labor, in which men studied and worked and women had babies and nurtured them in the home, helped this country rise to greatness. The abandonment of that principle is why we are currently in a demographic crisis, in which we would not even be able to replenish our numbers, were it not for immigrants coming in from Latin America and other regions whose lack of feminism has enabled them to keep their fertility rates up.

"The feminist movement has always tended to be composed of older women who are jealous of the younger generation. One of the reasons why a lot of feminists want to keep young women in school is to get them to put off marriage till later, spending their youth having sexual flings with men their own age, rather than competing with older women for older men who are capable of providing for a family and would prefer to have a young and beautiful wife, if they had the choice. In this way, feminism operates much like a trade union in which the skilled workers sell out their unskilled comrades by advocating a minimum wage increase that will put the unskilled workers out of a job.

"Feminists are selling out the younger generation of women by doing whatever they can to make them postpone getting married, especially to financially stable older men. Feminists found that it wasn't enough to tell young women that they needed to go to school so they could become strong and independent career women, rather than relying on a husband for support. Many young women were still ignoring the propaganda and opting to become housewives. So feminists also got involved in supporting legislation, such as SB 415 (a bill that Delegate Lingamfelter voted for in 2016), which raised the age of marriageability in Virginia to 18. As with the minimum wage, the stated objective was to prevent exploitation, but the effect has been to hurt the class of 'protected' people whose freedom has been taken away."

Larson graduated from George Mason University in 2003, and has lived and worked in Virginia his whole life. He cites as a formative experience studying under the award-winning economics teacher Thomas Carl Rustici, who was himself a student of Nobel Prize winning economist James M. Buchanan. Larson ran a radically Libertarian campaign against Rob Wittman in Virginia's 1st congressional district election, 2008. He lives with his wife, Meshelle, and his parents.

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