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Nathan and Meshelle Larson

Nathan Larson, born 19 September 1980 in Charlottesville, Virginia, is an accountant and candidate in Virginia's 31st House of Delegates district election, 2017.

Larson moved to Culpeper in 1985 and attended Farmington Elementary School, Floyd T. Binns Elementary School, Culpeper County Middle School, and Culpeper County High School. He then moved to Manassas in 1998 and obtained a career studies certificate in accounting from Northern Virginia Community College. He transferred to George Mason University, where he served as a student senator and as writer for the Beltway Free-Marketeer, a publication published by Kevin Rollins, who went on to found The Free Liberal, and edited by Zac Gochenour, who is now a James Madison University economics professor.

Larson graduated with a B.S. in management in 2003. He then began his accounting career in the northern Virginia area. He moved to Catlett in 2004, and lives there with his wife Meshelle, whom he met in the Philippines in 2015 and married in 2016.

Larson ran for election in Virginia's 1st congressional district election, 2008 on the Libertarian ticket.