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Restore, strengthen, and defend the family is the central theme of the Nathan Larson for Delegate campaign.

"Restoration" means reforming the family laws so that marriage can fulfill the purposes for which it was originally intended, viz., satisfying (1) women's maternal instincts, today also known as the "biological clock,"[1] and (2) men's desire for love and devotion from,[2] and regular sexual access to, a (relatively) undefiled woman.[3] This includes such issues as legalization of polygyny and abolition of the age of marriageability.

"Strengthening" means laying the societal foundations, and creating the right environment, for families to be successful and prosperous. This includes, for example, elimination of state funding for women to attend high school and college, legalization of autonomous cars, and drug legalization.

"Defending" refers to protecting marriage from everything that would threaten it, including treachery from within and attacks from without. Defending the family involves, for example, punishment of disloyal spouses, abolition of restraining orders, abolition of Child Protective Services, legalization of child pornography possession and distribution, and keeping abortion legal.


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