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So You Want To Fuck "Forbidden" Girls, Huh ..?

What Kind of Man Are You, Anyway?[edit]

I'm assuming, if you've come this far, that you're at least curious about what we have to say and whether or not the "Lolita Method" will really work for you. We can understand your skepticism. Before we began scoring "forbidden" pussy, we, too, doubted our ability to not only attract Lolita, but to attack her as well.

So, we ask the age-old question: What Kind of Man Are You, Anyway? Do any of the below statements fit you at all?

  1. I find myself staring at "forbidden" girls and becoming sexually aroused.
  2. I find myself fantasizing about having sex with "forbidden" girls at least once a week.
  3. I often dream of being a "forbidden" girl's older lover.
  4. "Forbidden" girls turn me on much more than women in their 20s and older.
  5. When I make love to my wife/girlfriend, I sometimes close my eyes and pretend she's a "forbidden" girl I either know or have seen.
  6. I sometimes go to places like shopping malls or high school football games just to be around "forbidden" girls.
  7. If I am choosing hookers or requesting escorts, I am always on the lookout for the youngest, freshest meat.
  8. I have fucked one or more "forbidden" girls since becoming an adult, and they have been the best sexual experiences I have ever had.
  9. I find myself sexually obsessed with my daughter's friends or, perhaps, my daughter herself.
  10. I believe I would pay almost any price to fuck a "forbidden" girl.

No, this is not some test where we're going to give you a score now and tell you whether or not you're a Dirty Old Man or a potential Serial Killer. We ourselves answer a whole-hearted "Yes!" to all these statements, and we're about as normal and well-respected as people come. (Scott is a public school teacher of 12 years, and Bill is an engineer with a large company).

What our little exercise does indicate, however, is desire. If you answered "yes" to most of these statements, you have a serious desire you cannot ignore, a dream you need to live before it destroys you. To repress such urges is to risk plunging into the abyss of obsessive/compulsive disorders (i.e. alcohol and drug addiction), while further frustration might ultimately lead to psychopathic and/or violent behavior.

Yes, believe it or not, denying your urges to fuck "forbidden" cunt could turn you into a real monster. If you don't believe us, just take a look at your typical serial killer. If guys like Henry Lee Lucas and Ted Bundy had been bagging an endless supply of wanton and willing "forbidden" gash, there's no way they would have felt the need to roam our highways hunting down innocent victims.

Much research into the motive and mindset of sex killers reveals a startling correlation between unfulfilled sexual fantasies (e.g. "forbidden" girls, bondage, rape) and the tendency to "act out" such fantasies violently and with unwilling victims. Something in these poor guys just snaps, and they are willing to do anything to anyone just to satisfy their urges.

No, we're not calling you a potential serial killer just because you desire "forbidden" pussy. Far from it. If we leaped to those kinds of conclusions, we'd have to place ourselves in that category as well.

What we are trying to tell you is simple. If the desire exists, you owe it to yourself to act upon it, or it may drive you to commit truly "criminal" and "despicable" actions. Sure, repressing your desire for teeny twat might result in something as harmlessly neurotic as building birdhouses (like the frustrated Humbert in John Cheever's "Country Husband"), but let me ask you this.

What would you rather be doing: nailing two-by-fours or nailing a 7th Grade cheerleader? (Please let us know if you choose Door Number #1, because our wives have a whole slew of fun for you, Bob Villa.) We, the authors of this book, choose option #2, and something tells us you're leaning in that direction, too.

That's why you're reading this book. That's what the "Lolita Method" is all about.

I Can't Tell You Why[edit]

"But why am I this way ..?" You may be asking yourself now. "Why am I different?" "Why do "forbidden" girls turn me on?" "Am I sick?"

Personally, we can't speak for you because, quite simply, we are not you. We don't know what is going on inside your mind. We can, however, offer some insights into our own philosophies and decisions, which may help to assure you that you are not sick, weird, different or even slightly abnormal.

Basically, we fuck "forbidden" girls because they are the best pussy around. Everybody knows it, even if no one has the guts to say it. We love how they look, how they feel, how they laugh, how they pout, how they stare at your man-sized cock with fascinated, frightened eyes. Above all, we love their youth, their energy, the electricity that crackles off their soft, tight, elastic skin ... their innocence, their naivete, their inexperience, their worship ... get the picture ..?

If you think this makes us perverts, just take a look around, my friend. Television, movies, magazine ads, women's tennis: the statutory dream queen (be it fantasy or reality) is our ideal in this society -- from Brooke Shields, Jodie Foster and Natasha Kinski of the 70s to Kate Moss in the 90s. Remember Traci Lords, the porno super nova who made all those movies when she was under 18?

Traci's whole mystique exemplified the Lolita Complex in our society. She looked like a high school chick and fucked like Satan himself possessed her. Then she turned 18 (and state's evidence) and now she's lucky for a bit part on "Married With Children" or "Melrose Place." This isn't because Hollywood has disowned her given her previous career. Traci Lords is no longer a bankable commodity because she's over 18, all washed-up, old news, long in the tooth, etc., etc...

As a society, we want it tight -- tight asses, tight tummies, tight skin, tight tits and a tight pussy. Is it any wonder then that men such as ourselves should want our part of the American Wet Dream.

We want to suck on pert, firm, no-sag tits. We want to kiss flat, hard, no-cellulite tummies. We want to lick sweet, hairless pussies, and feel our man-cocks split open ripe pussies that will never forget the man-sized dimensions of their first frontal assaults. We want to hear nervous giggles, peer into eager eyes, feel slender fingers play with our cocks like they're brand new toys at Christmas.

Above all, we revel in the feeling of domination, of asserting the God-given superiority of our penises. In this regard, we agree whole-heartedly with the radical lesbian feminist interpretations of bitches like Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon.

Yes, we are the patriarchy, and we strive to do nothing less than perpetuate the inferior status of females, especially "forbidden" girls, until the end of time. We love to fuck "forbidden" girls because we can manipulate and dominate their minds, defile their awakening flesh, corrupt their innocent souls, and force them to betray everything they once held so sacred ... their morals, their family, their bodies.

There is no more beautiful sight in the world than seeing a "forbidden" girl stuffed with an engorged, man-sized prick, fucking and sucking away in a worshipful, cheerful bliss of defilement, humility and subordination. There is no more profound sense of utter power and purpose than pulling out of her greedy, gulping orifice, slapping your cockhead against her hot, soft flesh, before finally depositing the seed of your sovereignty across her tight tummy, bare butt or fresh-fucked face.

If we were to sum up the Humbert credo in one word, that word would be corruption: the need to defile the virgin, to tear away the hymen of childhood and fill her bleeding cavity with everything she once believed to be abhorrent, appalling and evil. You have not lived until you've seen a "forbidden" girl, who only days before would have "died" before surrendering herself, pleading to suck your cock or lick your asshole.

One of our greatest joys is being there the first time Lolita says "eat me," "fuck me doggie style," or "fuck me up the ass." Forcing Lolita to betray herself, reducing Lolita to a slavering cock slave, tearing down any notion she may have once had about being anything more than a simple fuck toy ... this should be the goal of every Humbert.

You can say, amen, brother ...

What's Wrong With Older Women?[edit]

So, what does our obsession with deflowering, defiling and dominating Lolita imply about egos and our relationships with the opposite sex? Does this mean we have an inferiority complex where older women are concerned? Are we afraid of them because they are stronger, more independent and more intelligent?

Don't make us laugh!

Older women have nothing to offer but headaches. If they are so intent upon having their "own lives" and asserting their "independence" ... so be it. Who the fuck needs them. They can all become cock-hating rug-munchers and feast on Andrea Dworkin's fat, smelly, diseased cunt.

When it comes to sex, ego gratification and re-affirming yourself as a man, Lolita is the way to go. The only reason to keep an old cunt around is for show, so all the neighbors will think you're a stand up guy who would never think of cock throttling their thirteen-year-old daughter.

As for your "significant other," if you can get it up every once in awhile to bang her she'll never suspect a thing. Just encourage her to go out and "find herself" by getting a career. If you keep her busy, pretend you love her and support her independence, she'll never suspect where your dick is parking itself all those late afternoons when she's stuck at work and you tell her not to worry about supper, that you'll "pick up something to eat" on your own.

Which brings us back, once again, to the point of this whole book ... Just how in the hell can you start bagging some "forbidden" snatch and begin living the sex life of your dreams. Well, your wait is over ... Paradise is only one turn of the page away.