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Ever get into heated, accusatory, argumentative conversations with your genetic code?[edit]

I admit these conversations I have with my genome are a bit one-sided at times (although I take its silence as an admission of guilt), but I like to vent my feelings.

I usually start by saying, "Fuck you, genetic code. You were supposed to equip me to be able to figure out how to solve every situation that might confront me, but here I am, at a loss. How did you even survive this far, given your many flaws?" Maybe my genetic code was better-suited to being propagated in the society of yesteryear.

Or I might say, "Fuck you, genetic code. You're so SELFISH sometimes. I didn't ask to be born, but through your extended phenotype, you caused that to happen."

People say that the whole genome could be stored in under a gigabyte. I guess the genome really isn't that much different than BIOS. BIOS probably isn't very large either, yet your computer wouldn't run without it. Lysander (talk) 09:44, 5 November 2017 (PST)