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Nathan Larson
Born (1980-09-19) September 19, 1980 (age 37)
Charlottesville, Virginia
Residence Catlett, Virginia
Occupation Accountant, software developer
Parents Dorothy Larson, Arthur Larson

Nathan Larson is the owner of He was born in Charlottesville in 1980 and graduated from George Mason University in 2003. He ran for office in Virginia's 1st congressional district election of 2008 on an anarcho-capitalist platform.[1] Between 2008 and 2013, he served 46 months in prison for threatening the President of the United States. He passed the time teaching economics classes[2] and reading lengthy works like Human Action and Les Misérables.

In April 2014, he married Augustine Blakely Larson, who died the following year. From June 2015 to May 2016, he fought for custody of his biological child, Piper Morgan Sparrow Faye, before ultimately relinquishing parental rights. In 2017, he ran for delegate in Virginia's 31st House of Delegates district on a neoreactionary libertarian platform emphasizing patriarchy.[3] In 2018, he is running for Congress in Virginia's 10th congressional district.


Attended Graduated School Degree
From To
1985 1989 Farmington Elementary School
1989 1992 Floyd T. Binns Elementary School
1992 1993 Wakefield Country Day School
1993 1995 Culpeper County Middle School
1995 1996 Culpeper County High School
1997 1997 Germanna Community College
1998 1999 Northern Virginia Community College
1999 2002 2003 George Mason University Bachelor of Science in Management
2004 2004 2004 Northern Virginia Community College Career Studies Certificate in Accounting

Prison terms[edit]

Charge Sentence Date Prisons
Imprisonment Supervised release Arrested Released
Threatening the President of the United States 16 months (14 served) 3 years 12 December 2008 9 February 2010 Federal Detention Center, Englewood (11 months); Federal Medical Center, Rochester (3 months)
Supervised release violation[4] 24 months (22 served) 1 year 11 August 2010 12 June 2012 Federal Correctional Institution, Petersburg
Supervised release violation[5] 10 months (10 served) None 3 December 2012 2 October 2013 Federal Correctional Institution, Cumberland
Total 50 months (46 served)


Date Election Candidate Party Votes  %
Virginia's 1st congressional district
4 Nov 2008[6] General Robert J. Wittman Republican 203,839 56.58
Bill S. Day, Jr Democratic 150,435 41.75
Nathan D. Larson Libertarian 5,265 1.46
Write Ins 756 0.21
Virginia House of Delegates, 31st district
7 Nov 2017[7] General L. Scott Lingamfelter Republican 12,658 44.19
Elizabeth R. Guzman Democratic 15,466 53.99
Nathan D. Larson Independent 481 1.68
Write Ins 39 0.14
Virginia's 10th congressional district
6 Nov 2018 General TBD Republican
TBD Democratic
Nathan D. Larson Independent
Write Ins


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