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A frame from the Vicky Beginning video, shortly before she begins her striptease
Vicky taking a break between sessions of sucking her father's penis 122178171653662 5972292005649940405 n.jpg

The Vicky series is one of the most-downloaded child pornography series in history. It was created by her father, Kenneth Freeman.


The criminal complaint states:

Police reports indicate that in Benton County, on or about the 12th day of December, 2000, over the course of approximately two years, KENNETH JOHN FREEMAN had sexual intercourse with his daughter, the victim. The abuse began when the victim was 10 years old and he touched her on her genitals and had her touch him. The next time it happened, KENNETH JOHN FREEMAN put his penis in her mouth and ejaculated. He also put his penis in her anus about five times. The victim confronted KENNETH JOHN FREEMAN about the actions and he apologized.

The plea agreement mentions two videos, AVI 32 and 34:

In AVI 32, a clothed female (KNF) is masturbating a naked adult male. The male's face is not visible, however, the female is under the age of 18. This video depicts child pornography. AVI 34 depicts a prepubescent female's naked lower torso. An adult male's hands are seen touching the female's vagina. This video also depicts child pornography. FREEMAN videotaped the sexually explicit conduct using a RCA handheld video camera.

It also notes:

As a result of the Oregon ICE investigation, the victim KNF and ICE Special Agent Findley would testify that on or about May 12-13, 2000, Defendant FREEMAN drove KNF, who was ten years old at the time, from her residence in Richland, Washington, to a hotel called the Greenwood Inn located in Beaverton, in the District of Oregon. Defendant FREEMAN told the victim they were traveling to Oregon to visit Defendant FREEMAN's mother for Mother's Day.

On or about Saturday, May 13, 2000, while in the hotel room at the Greenwood Inn, Defendant FREEMAN sexually abused his daughter. Specifically, he had her masturbate his penis with her hands, and he performed oral sex on her vagina. Defendant FREEMAN video recorded the sexual abuse of his daughter KNF. According to KNF she was not then aware of the presence of a video camera, victim KNF has since been shown excerpts from the video.



The standalone videos are 1:09:45 long, in total. The compilation is 1:47:37 long.

Name Length Compilation Audio Description
first taste.avi "Vicky's First Taste of Cum" 1:34 0:00 - 1:30 Media:VickyFirstTasteAudioOnly.mp3 Blowjob viewed from side angle
Vicky Beginning - Strip Suck & Cum In Mouth.mp4 14:37 38:12 - 52:59 (14:37) Media:VickyBeginningAudioOnly.mp3 Vicky takes her clothes off and then gives her dad a blowjob
4vicky.avi 11:28
08 años blow.mpg 0:53
69.mpg 13:55
bond.mpg 18:42 53:00 - 1:08:31 (15:31)
cum choke.mpg 0:31
missing cumshot.avi 2:01
Vicky_CumOnPussy-01.mpg 0:48
VKreencodedSound.avi 5:16
Hotel N/A 1:31 - 33:35 (32:34)
Shower N/A 33:35 - 38:12 (4:37)

Standalone videos[edit]

first taste.avi[edit]

Vicky, a naked girl with long brown hair, is sucking her father's penis. He seems to be standing while she kneels in front of him. The camera is to the side, so that her profile is in view. In the frame, she can be seen from about her belly up to slightly above her ears, while her father can be seen from about his knees to his abdomen. Some flute music is playing in the background.

0:00: She is holding the penis in both hands and moving her head back and forth rather forcefully so that the penis goes shallower and deeper in her mouth. Her whole body is swaying or leaning backwards and forwards with the rhythm as she's doing this.
0:08: Her dad says, "Oh, that's good. Oh, [inaudible]."
0:15: Her dad says, "Oh, yeah."
0:16: She stops now and is holding the penis with one hand.
0:18: Now she is swirling and licking with her tongue on and all around the head while moving her hand up and down the shaft.
0:23: Now she moves her mouth away, while still moving her hand up and down the shaft. She flicks her hair back over her shoulder.
0:27: Now she is licking the head again and kissing it, still moving her hand up and down the shaft.
0:31: Now she resumes moving her head back and forth, so that the penis goes shallower and deeper in her mouth while she is moving up her hands up and down it.
0:35: Her dad says, "Oh. Oh, yeah."
0:46: Her dad says, "Oh, that's good."
0:50: She pulls back so that the penis comes out of her mouth, but she is still holding the penis with both hands and moving her hands up and down it. Her dad says, "Oh, that's good." She stops and puts her finger in her mouth.
0:53: Cut to a new scene. She is still holding it with both hands, and now rubbing it more vigorously nearer the base of the penis.
0:54: Now she is licking the frenulum while rubbing the penis.
0:55: Now she puts the penis in her mouth and resumes moving her head back and forth so that the penis goes shallower and deeper in her mouth while she moves her hands up and down the shaft.
1:02: She pulls back so that the penis comes out of her mouth, but she is still holding it with both hands and rubbing up and down the shaft.
1:04: Cut to a new scene. She is holding the penis with her right hand.
1:05: She opens her mouth and seems to be licking or flicking the head with her tongue while rubbing up and down the shaft with both hands.
1:08: She puts the head in her mouth and shallowly sucks on it, licking and kissing the head while holding the shaft with her hands.
1:18: Her father says, "Feels so good..." [inaudible] and begins ejaculating. She continues sucking and kissing the head of his penis. Her father says something inaudible. He seems to be groaning.
1:25: She breaks away and lowers her hands, and looks down at where his ejaculate has fallen onto her chest.
1:27: She looks to the side and above where the camera is. She has a neutral expression on her face.
1:28: She looks down again and then at her father's penis again, and her father reaches a hand down and says, "I'm sorry, [inaudible]."

Vicky Beginning - Strip Suck & Cum In Mouth.mp4[edit]

Vicky is standing in a bedroom in black stockings that go up slightly past her knees, a grey skirt, a white undershirt with a U-neck, and an outer shirt with a floral pattern. The bed and lamp behind her are draped with a sheet. Baby One More Time is playing in the background.

0:00: Vicky's hands are clasped together in front of her. She is looking at her dad, who is behind the camera.
0:01: Her father says something.
0:02: She steps sideways away from the bed and spins around quickly.
0:06: She smiles. She camera pans down, bringing her feet into view briefly, and then back up. She steps sideways to her right and then back to her left and then back to the right.
0:10: She looks down and starts taking off her outer shirt.
0:15: She throws her outer shirt onto the bed and takes off her undershirt, revealing her white bra underneath. She glances at her dad, then looks down again.
0:23: She starts taking off her skirt, revealing her white panties underneath.
0:26: As she pull her skirt off from around her ankles, her dad says "A little slower." She looks at him, then looks down again.
0:30: She looks down and starts taking off her panties. Her dad interrupts to say, "Hey. Hey."
0:32: She looks up and then, apparently in response to a signal from her father, spins around. Her hair is in a ponytail.
0:34: She looks down again and pulls her panties down until they're slightly below her knees. Her pussy is hairless.
0:38: She pulls her panties off one leg and then off the other.
0:40: She throws her panties onto the bed.
0:41: She pulls down her bra and then takes it off one arm and then the other.
0:46: She spins the bra around so that the hook is in front of her and then struggles to unhook it.
0:48: She unhooks it and then looks at her father, throws her bra on the bed, and looks at him again.
0:51: She swings her arms back and forth, takes a step toward her father, and then spins around quickly, taking her back to where she was.
0:54: She looks at her father again, moves from side to side, and then begins stepping toward her father.
0:57: Her gaze shifts downward to his crotch as she steps forward, then she stops and looks back up at his eyes.
0:58: She looks back downward at his crotch, and resumes walking toward him. She looks at her father in the eyes again, then looks back down again.
0:59: She gets down on her knees and walks toward her father on her knees.
1:02: Her father says something to her. She stops, looking him in the eyes, and seems to fold or clasp her hands together in front of her for a second as she pauses, looking at him for direction. He seems to say "Step back" and she steps back two paces on her knees and clasps her hands together again, then puts her hands to either side. She has a slightly amused-looking smile and then looks at his crotch.
1:06: Her father steps closer to her and she looks him in the eyes briefly, then looks back down at his crotch.
1:08: He continues coming closer. She looks at his eyes again and then looks back down.
1:11: She looks up again and touches her neck and then quickly puts her hand back down. She looks at his crotch.
1:13: She begins undoing her dad's pants button.
1:19: She gets her dad's pants open and pulls down his pants.
1:21: She reaches in and pulls out her dad's penis and holds it in her right hand, looking at it. Her father lets out his breath as she grips the penis and pulls her hand up toward the head.
1:23: She pulls her hand down the penis again, stretching it tight. She repeats this a few times.
1:28: She puts the head of his penis in her mouth and sucks it in and out, moving her hands up and down it as she's doing this. Her whole body sways back and forth as she's doing this.
1:58: Her father reaches out his right hand and lightly touches the hair on the side of her head (mostly hoverhanding her).
2:14: Her father withdraws his hand.
2:20: The camera zooms in closer.
2:26: The camera zooms out again.
2:28: Her father reaches out his hand again to touch her hair.
2:31: He taps her head gently with his fingers. She looks up at him, still sucking.
2:32: She breaks away, still holding his penis. He is still reaching out his hand to her.
2:33: She moves away, still on her knees. She looks at him and he begins giving her directions by gesture (moving his finger in a circle as though to say "spin around") and by saying "turn around on your knees". She spins around on her knees so her back is to him.
2:39: He says, "There you go. Now up." She is now perpendicular to him, facing to his left. He laughs and says, "Face that way" and she turns so that her back is to him again. He says, "Now get down on your hands." He touches the back of her head, and she bends over slightly. He touches her lower back and she puts her hands on the ground. Then he touches her butt cheek and she begins spreading her legs.
2:54: he says, "Arch your back."
2:59: He touches her mid-back and says, "Get down low." She moves her hands forward so she can get down lower. He says, "Low. There you go. Get down with your chest on the ground."
3:05: He says, "There you go." She puts the whole front of her body on the ground and he says, "No, keep your butt in the air. No, get your butt up. Put your knees under you."
3:10: Her ass and pussy are now highly visible in the classic doggy style position. Her father says, "There you go," reaching out a hand and touching the back of her thigh.
3:15: He begins stroking her butt cheek and touches her anus briefly, spreading it a little by applying tension to the skin of her butt cheek with his thumb. He reaches to pull her toward him by pulling from the front of her leg. She moves her butt back. His penis is now near her anus. He uses his thumb again to spread her anus open a bit. He does this a few times.
3:25: He strokes her anus area upward with the head of his penis, then downward over her pussy, then back upward to her anus. He does this a few times.
3:44: He starts rubbing his index finger over her pussy.
3:50: He uses his thumb to spread her vulva a bit as the camera comes in closer. He uses his index finger to spread her anus area.
3:55: He spread her pussy area with thumb and forefinger.

Compilation parts[edit]

This is part of a 107-minute compilation.


Cut to a new scene, in what appears to be a hotel room, with bed and bedside drawers with matching lamps and a phone. Vicky is sitting on a bed in black stockings and a chemise, without any panties. Her long dark hair is in pigtails. Her legs are in a V-shape, revealing her vagina. "Get Off of My Cloud" is playing.

1:30: She leans over to look down, and then looks at the camera. Her expression is somewhat neutral.
1:36: She pushes herself up on her hands and tucks her legs in toward her, and then pushes herself forward and gets down on her hands and knees, and turns around to lie on the bed face-down, revealing her butt. Her legs are splayed.
1:44: The camera zooms in on her crotch as she pushes her butt into the air.
1:47: The camera is now completely zoomed in.
1:49: She rolls over onto her side, then rolls back onto her front again.
1:54: She spreads her butt cheeks to reveal her anus and pussy.
1:56: The camera zooms in more closely to her crotch.
2:01: She rolls onto her side.
2:04: She rolls over onto her back and sits up, and smiles, and pauses making eye contact with the camera for a few moments.
2:10: She rolls onto her back and puts her knees behind her head, splaying her legs open so that her pussy is spread wide.
2:12: Now, showing great flexibility, she is holding the sides of her legs tightly against the sides of her head to maximize the openness of her pussy.
2:13: The camera begins to come closer.
2:15: She makes eye contact with the camera, still holding this position.
2:20: She uses her hands to spread her pussy wider. The camera zooms in very closely.
2:32: Now she begins holding the upper part of her vulva open. She has long fingernails.
2:46: The camera zooms out.
2:48: She makes eye contact with the camera, still holding her pussy open.
2:54: She rolls forward and sits up.
2:57: She puts her hand up her shirt and begins taking it off.
3:07: Finished taking off her shirt, she throws it onto the bed.
3:15: She swivels her body to the side and leans back, propping herself up with her hands.
3:18: She holds her nonexistent boobs. She camera begins zooming in on her nonexistent boobs as she massages them.
3:26: She moves her hands away.
3:30: She resumes massaging her nonexistent boobs.
3:35: The camera zooms out. She smiles.
3:40: New scene. She is now crouching. She stands up on the bed.
3:43: She starts walking around on the bed.
3:45: She puts her hands on her hips.
3:49: She spins around to show her butt.
3:51: She turns to the front again.
3:54: She looks at something to the front of the room. The camera pans down.
3:56: The camera pans back up and then down again.
4:02: She turns around and stands on one leg, using her right hand to hold her other right foot behind her.
4:03: She flails her other arm as she loses balances and puts her leg back on the ground.
4:05: She turns around again.
4:08: She gets down on her hands and knees.
4:10: She holds her toes behind her with her hands and balances on her knees.
4:14: She loses her balance and puts out her right hand to catch herself.
4:15: She resumes balancing. She smiles.
4:20: She now rests, sitting with her legs tucked under her.
4:23: She scoots closer.
4:27: She leans back, legs splayed, and thrusts her pelvis into the air.
4:30: She uses her hands and legs to support her body in the air.
4:34: The camera zooms in on her pussy.
4:38: She rests on the bed again, on her back, and then sits up.
4:43: she looks behind her and then looks back.
4:46: She looks back again, and scoots backward and grabs a dildo off the bedside table.
4:51: She makes eye contact with the camera, then looks at the dildo.
4:55: She looks back at the camera.
4:57: She lies on her back, legs splayed, and positions the dildo near her pussy and begins moving it up and down her vulva.
5:13: The camera zooms in on her crotch.
5:16: The camera is now fully zoomed in. Her pussy is rather moist.
5:38: The camera zooms out.
5:42: She glances back and forth between the camera and the dildo.
6:13: She starts using her fingers on her left hand to open her pussy further, and the camera zooms in.
6:16: She covers her pussy with the dildo.
6:25: She positions the dildo to insert it.
6:31: She takes the dildo away and now starts stroking her pussy with her hand.

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